Send Love to All Beings

Hello, dear ones. Do not get discouraged by the news. Their job is to report events from around the world, focusing primarily on the negative. They are employed by people who want to keep the masses afraid. This only serves their interests, not yours.

Send love to all beings. Your efforts ripple out much farther than you realize. Your love makes a difference!

At the same time, the energetic shifts that are happening on your planet are creating discomfort for many. Some look to their discomfort and embrace change, while others feel discomfort and reject change. They fear it. So they dig deeper into their position, and lash out in fear.

You have heard the saying, “hurt people hurt people”. That is true. Scared people also tend to hurt people. This is why we encourage you to choose love. Love can help soothe the fear and hurt. Love can help others embrace change instead of rejecting it.

You may not think you can do anything that will affect a war on the other side of the world, or stop a shooting, yet you do not truly know the effect your choices in every moment have. They ripple out much farther than you realize.

Send love to those at war. Send love to those contemplating picking up a weapon. Send love to your neighbors who are upset their concerns are not being addressed. Send love to all beings. It does make a difference.