New Meditations!

Hi friends! I know, it has been a long time since you heard from me. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs, twists and turns in my life the past little while, however, I have some good news – there are new meditations available now!

New Guided Meditations - A Walk with Freyja, A Walk with Morrigan, A Walk with Persephone, A Walk with Sekhmet

Dark Goddess Stitch Along

One of the things I like to do in my spare time (which I can rarely find, by the way) is cross stitch. At the beginning of last year, I started a Tarot Stitch Along with Witch’s Garden Crafts. Oh my Goddess, her work is fantastic! Seriously, check out her Etsy shop.

Anyway, I still haven’t finished that one (though I’m really close…). This year, she has released a Dark Goddess Stitch Along. (No, I don’t get commissions, though I am a mod on the Facebook group, and I feel blessed to be connected with such an amazing person!) Because I am a moderator for her Facebook group, I get a sneak peek at some of the upcoming designs, and Goddesses are right up my alley.

Pairing Meditations and Cross Stitch

When she shared the list of Goddesses that were going to be in the stitch along, I had a thought – what if I created/shared meditations for each Goddess in the pattern? Michelle was gracious enough to let me market my meditations as an add-on to the pattern.

For some of the Goddesses I already had meditations in the can – written and recorded, ready to go. A couple I had written, but not yet recorded. And for at least half of the Goddesses, nada. Nothing but inspiration.

Always an Obstacle

It’s never just easy, is it? When I finally had the time to actually record the meditations, gremlins struck.

I had been slowly gathering the parts and pieces for a sound booth, so I wouldn’t have to wait until the middle of the night when everyone else was asleep to record. All the parts and pieces worked, and then suddenly, they didn’t. After hours of troubleshooting, I finally grabbed a laptop, and a different microphone, and made a cubby in my closet.

Because of that, I may go back and re-record a couple of them, because I am a perfectionist. That being said, the quality is still pretty good! I’m excited to announce four new guided meditations.

New Meditations

There will be more titles coming this year, especially as I reset the recording space, so keep your eyes out. And let me know what you think!