Channeled Message for September 11

Good morning, dear one. There is a vibration of fear that lingers on this day. 911 is the number you call in emergencies, when something bad has happened, or tragedy has struck. Twenty one years ago, fear and hatred cast a blow to love and kindness. Even so, some individuals chose compassion, chose care and love instead of fear and anger, even while those in power used that event to instill even more fear. They were also afraid – of losing their power. Yet power over can never be as strong as power with.

Light a candle today to send more light and love into the world, to chase away the darkness, fear, and anger. Light a candle to honor all of those who have ever chosen love in the face of fear, who have chosen to help instead of harm. Be a shining light of love in action. Small actions and choices now will ripple out to have big effects in the future. Do not doubt that you are part of the change you envision.

Be Love.

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