fundamental guided meditation bundle


These are the fundamental guided meditations, and here’s why; you always begin from your sacred space, because nothing can harm you on any journey you take which begins there. You must be grounded, so that you are able to process the energy you encounter on your journey. And you must be protected, so that you can release all excess energy and are not open to receive negativity and harmful thoughts.

Protection Shield 


Creating Sacred Space 

I’m making all three available.

Each guided meditation is valued at $9.97 – the price of the other guided meditations on this site. But since I know the Fundamental Guided Meditations are so important, instead of selling them at full price – $39.88- I’m giving a huge discount.

Total price for all 3 guided meditations:


Get started with guided meditations today and receive all three fundamental guided meditations
The Walks Within Guided Meditation Fundamental Bundle
Price: $14.99

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