Seeds of Success Guided Meditation

I have pretty big dreams.  Sometimes it seems like I’m making no progress towards those dreams, or going backwards even.

And yet, I believe I have everything I need, right here, and right now.

This meditation helps you envision where it is that you want to be, and reminds you that you do have everything you need, right here, right now.

And when you think you can’t go any farther, the Universe reaches out and gives you a hand.

Seeds of Success Guided Meditation
Seeds of Success Guided Meditation

Seeds of Success Guided Meditation
Price: $9.97

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1 thought on “Seeds of Success Guided Meditation”

  1. Again, I love the start of the meditation by focusing in on the present and resonating with your own breath.

    This meditation delves into your inner most desires. It has a reverse psychology approach to it. Instead of thinking of things you have always wanted, you imagine that you already have them and fold these thoughts into a seed. You then fold yourself up to, and enter the seed. The concept of folding up yourself and your dreams is an astounding visualization. I really love the representation of planting the seed in the Earth.

    The energy this meditation makes you feel is so amazing. It really is an interesting journey. It makes me think of the movie Inception, but instead you are planting the idea in your own consciousness.

    I enjoyed this meditation immensely.

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