Protection Shield Guided Meditation

Several people have asked me about how to protect themselves from unwanted energy from other people.

This is a technique that my father shared with me when I was in high school.  I used to get headaches when I was around large groups of people, especially social events.  I would feel exhausted by the time I got home.  I would also frequently take on the emotions of the group, or even another person I was with, and feel them as my own.

I did this technique sporadically at first, and then I did it every night before I went to bed for several weeks.  It firmly established my “shield”, and I rarely get the crowd headaches or emotions any more.  I still have to be careful about taking on the emotions of people I am close to, especially my family.  It’s not very productive to respond to my young son’s outburst of anger with more anger!

I hope it helps you as much as it helped me.

Protection Shield Guided Meditation
Protection Shield Guided Meditation

Listen to a sample: Protection Shield Sample

Protection Shield is one of the 3 Guided Meditations available in the Fundamentals Set of Guided Meditations. Protection Shield, Grounding, & Creating Sacred Space

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Protection Shield Guided Meditation
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11 thoughts on “Protection Shield Guided Meditation”

  1. Is this the one you blessed me with? If so, I don’t have the audio, but Mary gave me the visual to work with.

    Let me say how effective it is- I found myself tearing up, and am often emotionally affected by those around me. This is something that because apparent after a visit to Rwanda, where many fantastic people grew close to my heart, and hearing their testimonies of their experience during the 1994 genocide made many things on an emotional level very ‘real’ to me. Since working with Mary’s meditations, I have found on days when I have meditated, that this helps keep me together- just like an egg!

    Also, it means that when I’m talking with someone I’m able to be an open space for them, instead of getting into their same muck, we are both able to have a clearer view. It makes it possible to connect more positively and openly, because when negative energy is around I seem to curl up and close.

    I really believe Mary’s work is grounded in truth, and she’s doing a fantastic job.

  2. Mary ~ this is so beautiful…i will write you later as i am now leaving for the ferry for the horses . . .
    picture this: bath, cardamonand bergamot scents, your voice wrapping the protection sheild around me, the dawn approaching, and me thinking of you, reflecting, seeeing the tiniest nuances of your pperson in your voice, and a whole new way of seeing the spirit of the horse, – one i want to share that is so different than the being i have trained, ridden and taught, laughed and cried with, worked and played with, loved and communed with all my life – comes through me with a creative slant that includes photolography. i will be in touch. thank you so much….
    thanks mary. there is more, and i know that you and i

  3. Yes, Katana, this is the one that I told you about. Your question inspired me to create it!

    And Daphne, that sounds absolutely heavenly! I look forward to our next long talk to hear all about it.


  4. i defintely want to listen to this one again, it was so powerful the first time i heard it.

  5. Another fantastic meditation! On an immediate level, your meditations are so grounding and soothing. A perfect antidote to a hectic day. On a deeper level, they are all about healing. Healing not just the tension of here and now, but of stresses accumulated over weeks, months, years. I don’t know how you do it, but I’m so glad you do!

    I’ve always struggled with shutting out what I don’t want and letting in what I do want. Usually it’s all or nothing. This meditation has helped SO much. I love how it’s more effective every time I do it. Thank you!

  6. Hi Mary
    Thank you very much for the lovely spiritual protection audio.
    I played it 3 times in one evening before bed. Your voice & the music are very soothing and peaceful to listen to. I feel so peaceful and spiritual after listening so I put it on repeat, as it gets better with repetition. I really need this protection, as I am very sensitive too, and crowds affect me also, as can be draining on the energy field. Love & Light & Peace to You.

  7. Hi Ky,
    I’m so glad it was helpful for you! I know it took me quite a while of regular practice with this one, but my shield no longer requires much thought from me. Good luck!

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  9. Thank you Mary. This meditation helped me identify a ‘felt sense’ of a shield around me. I listened to it three times within the 24 hours prior to an anticipated challenging confrontation. During the confrontation, only once did I tune in to the awareness of having my protection shield up, and yet I was very aware of my ability to sit tall, shoulders back, head held high, my neutral facial expression…. and after the confrontation I was able to look back and retrospectively ‘feel’ the protection, the energy around me, keeping me safe from the barrage of negativity coming at me. In the past, such a confrontation would have turned my muscles to jelly, my brain to mush & my inner sense of self to internal chaos. Your meditation helped prepare me to slough off the negativity of the encounter and focus on the details I needed to clarify with the individual I was meeting. I am going to continue listening to this meditation and develop a sound, strong shield, reinforcing my right to safety and respectful interactions with all people. Thank you!

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