A Walk with Freyja Guided Meditation

Freyja (or Freya, or or sometimes Freja) is the Norse goddess of love and war. Her name means Lady, and she was renowned for her beauty. She is also a goddess of prophecy and magic, connected with seidr, a form of seeing into the unknown.

Freyja is originally from the Vanir tribe of deities. After the Aesir-Vanir War, she became an honorary member of the Aesir Gods as well. Her father was Njord, the Vanir god of wealth, fertility, and the Sea. Her brother was Freyr, which means Lord. Freyr was the well-loved god of wealth, the harvest, fertility, and peace.

Freyja’s husband was Odr, later Odin, and she is often connected and conflated with Frigg (or Frigga). Both share many of the same qualities and areas of rulership. While Odin presided over Valhalla, Freyja’s hall was Folkvanger, the people’s hall, or Field of the People. As Queen of the Valkyries, she chose half of the souls of fallen warriors to join her, while the other half went to Valhalla.

Freyja had many unique and magical items – a chariot drawn by cats, a cloak of falcon feathers, and a beautiful necklace, called Brisingamen. You will learn more about that story in the guided meditation below.

Freyja teaches us to be proud of our gifts, and the things that bring us joy, in spite of what other people may think or say.

Take a Walk with Freyja to rekindle a passion or dream that you have lost.

A Walk with Freyja Guided Meditation

A Walk with Freyja Guided Meditation
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