Creating Sacred Space Guided Meditation

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Creating Sacred Space Guided Meditation
Creating Sacred Space Guided Meditation

The world is speeding up. Information comes at us from all directions. From cell phones to Blackberrys and iPhones, from laptops to netbooks, computers at work and at home, even radio and television, we are a wired world.

Research tells us that this constant access to the outside world, the barrage of information, is detrimental to our mental health. We need to take time out, to unplug, in order to lower our stress levels and increase our happiness.

We can’t all afford a trip to the outback with no cellular or internet signal. For some, unplugging for more than a couple hours actually feels like it is raising their stress level!

The good news is you don’t have to plan a three week get away to find some peace of mind. As little as 10 minutes a day can have a tremendous positive effect. (To find out all the benefits of meditation, check out 100 Benefits of Meditation.)

Creating Sacred Space is the foundation for all other Walks Within meditations. It assists you in creating your very own ideal meditation spot–that place where you can feel completely comfortable and safe to explore your own mind. No redecoration or furniture moving necessary!

Creating Sacred Space is a full length guided meditation. You’ll need to set aside about half an hour to go through it. At the end, you’ll have your own place to go whenever you need “Time Out” to de-stress. And it is the ideal place to start any other meditations.

Listen to a sample: Creating Sacred Space Sample

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12 thoughts on “Creating Sacred Space Guided Meditation”

  1. I downloaded this at work, planning to transfer it to my iPod for later, and decided to take a quick listen. Less than 30 seconds in, I was hooked. I closed my office door and let the meditation guide me. It was exactly what I needed on a stressful day, and the unexpected benefit is that I now have a sacred space at the office! Mary’s voice is so soothing, and the music is a perfect complement. Love it!

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  3. Hi Mary…I really enjoyed getting to spend some time with you at the TPW evening. Thank you for the meditation download. I really enjoyed it for my afternoon meditation today.

  4. Two years ago when I first listened to this meditation, I loved it but thought I wouldn’t need to listen to it again once I’d established my sacred space. Then one day, after listening to another of Mary’s meditations, this one started to play, and I was curious to hear it again. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my sacred space had changed. I found myself in a place I hadn’t been to since I was a kid, a place with an even deeper connection to myself and the world. I could never have found it again without this guided meditation. I now listen to this every so often, and it helps me discover new things about my sacred space and myself. Thank you, Mary!

  5. After trying some guided meditation for the first time last night, I decided to do a bit of research and found your website very interesting. I suffer from very bad episodes of panic and depression, so I quickly decided that having a sacred place would be a wonderful idea. I sat in my bed with my hands on my thighs and listened. I never saw those 17 minutes, to me it felt like 5 minutes at most. But I discovered the most wonderful place my mind could come up with and found myself crying (of joy? relief?) as the spirit guides showed themselves to me. It was a fantastic experience and I don’t regret a single second of it.

  6. Maeva, your story touches my heart. I am so grateful that the meditation was helpful for you!

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  8. merry met sweet Lady…i have searched for a long time for a guided meditation and at risk of very much jumping the gun i think i have at last found my heroine…i say at risk of jumping the gun as im pretty sure i`m going to have a lot of difficulty finding a UK based supplier of your beautiful meditations…i`ve listened to a lot of others who rush you thru, not giving you time to even start to visualise before they rush on…yours was sooooooooo different…you gave me time to stop and think , create and savour and taste…WOW !! just loved it even tho the sound quality from my knackered old computer is woeful but thats not your fault !!
    THANKYOU SO MUCH….i cant wait to get my ears on the real full length tracks
    if i cant find them can i torture you to agree to send them to me in Ireland …please please please may The Goddess keep dancing with you…… jay

  9. I am so happy that I came across your website just by surfing and looking for guided meditations. Will use this in my life, its just what I need.

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