Meeting Your Spirit Guide Guided Meditation

Each of us has one or more spirit guides, or guardian angels, who look out for us.  Spirit guides also offer insight and assistance with challenges…IF we ask them to.

Spirit guides are beings of pure love and light energy.  They are here to guide you to your highest good, and help you achieve your life’s purpose.  They are always with you, but they are bound not to interfere with your free will; they will not act without your permission.

This meditation gives you the opportunity to meet your spirit guide (or guides) in a safe way. You can speak to them, and ask for guidance, now and in your everyday life.

Meeting Your Spirit Guide Guided Meditation
Meeting Your Spirit Guide Guided Meditation

Meeting Your Spirit Guide Guided Meditation
Price: $9.97

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1 thought on “Meeting Your Spirit Guide Guided Meditation”

  1. Mary has such a calming voice and it is easy to relax and let everything go. I enjoy how she starts off her meditation by making you focus on your breathing. It really makes you feel present in the self. I also enjoyed the method in which she uses to help open up your chakras. By envisioning coloured blossoming flowers, the chakras are really put into perspective. You get such a profound focus that you can feel your energy awakening. I won’t spoil the meditation because the experience is up to the individual from this point forward. But you will be taken on an amazing journey of discovery and enlightenment.

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