A Walk with Baba Yaga Guided Meditation

Baba Yaga is a crone Goddess from Russian folk tales, often portrayed as the stereotypical wicked witch.

One must have courage to go looking for Baba Yaga. For she is the “Dark Mother”, the “Devouring Mother” (as opposed to the “Good Mother” or “Abundant Mother”). The Good Mother feeds us and clothes us and wraps us in her arms to protect us from the things that lurk in the night. She speaks soothing, loving words to us. The Dark Mother eats us instead of feeding us, makes us work to earn the right to continue living instead of nurturing, and speaks harsh words, if she speaks to us at all.

And yet, she prepares us for the next round of life. Like a plant that must wither and die, only to sprout fresh in the spring, we must die to who we were to be reborn to who we are becoming. There is no life without death, and no death without life.

If you are ready to separate the wheat from the chaff, that which serves you from that which holds you back, come take a walk with Baba Yaga. But be warned, you will not return from this walk the same person that began it!

A Walk with Baba Yaga Guided Meditation
A Walk with Baba Yaga Guided Meditation

A Walk with Baba Yaga Guided Meditation
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