Time out… or Time In?

From all outward appearances, I’ve checked out. And that’s even what I was saying to myself a couple weeks ago. But just today, as I make my presence known in the online realm again, I realized I was really checking in.

Blog look and feel

I’ve been stalling adding new posts, because I have been hung up on the details.  I wanted my blog to look exactly like the rest of my site, to be seamlessly integrated. And because of that, I haven’t made any progress.  Until today. I have it looking similar.  I’m not entirely happy with it (like …

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Reflections on my healing journey

I have done work spiritually. I have done some emotional healing. I have worked on my self-talk and my self-image. I have even done some healing work on my body. But I have never made a concentrated effort to restore my body, mind and spirit to their healthy, optimal, DIVINE state of being.