I am a Priestess, a Healer and a Mother. I have three children, and a circle of spiritual people who lovingly refer to me as “Mother Mary”. I have studied Usui Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique and Quantum Touch healing. I have led a spiritual Circle for nine years. My mission is to help others uncover the Divine within themselves, to reconnect to their Soul’s wisdom, and to help them find their path.

Time out… or Time In?

From all outward appearances, I’ve checked out. And that’s even what I was saying to myself a couple weeks ago. But just today, as I make my presence known in the online realm again, I realized I was really checking in.

Blog look and feel

I’ve been stalling adding new posts, because I have been hung up on the details.  I wanted my blog to look exactly like the rest of my site, to be seamlessly integrated. And because of that, I haven’t made any progress.  Until today. I have it looking similar.  I’m not entirely happy with it (like …

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Reflections on my healing journey

I have done work spiritually. I have done some emotional healing. I have worked on my self-talk and my self-image. I have even done some healing work on my body. But I have never made a concentrated effort to restore my body, mind and spirit to their healthy, optimal, DIVINE state of being.