Maintenance Mode

I know, I know. It’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote a blog post. I’ve gone into maintenance mode and turned off a lot of extraneous activity.

What is maintenance mode? I am looking after myself, and tending to my physical and emotional health, which has several factors.

Physical Maintenance

Maintenance Mode
Collection of tools

About seven weeks ago, I started the WILDFIT 90 day challenge. I am drinking lots of water, and eating really clean. There are a lot of things I am not eating right now, like fruit. I have to say that has been really challenging with the cherries and raspberries ripening in my back yard.

It has meant a lot of changes in the last few weeks to the food that I am eating. There have been some gains (or should I say, losses), which I am really pleased with. I hope they continue!

I’ve also been exercising more regularly. I started doing yoga twice a week a couple of months ago. When the pool opened up, I started going back to deep water aerobics. I temporarily stopped doing yoga, and I’m now working on adding it back in – at least for the two more weeks the pool is open…

Getting more and better sleep has also been a priority. The WILDFIT protocols have helped with that as well.

Mental Maintenance

For my mental health, I’m working on getting back to reading. Right now, it is short bursts, though I take that as a win. Short bursts are better than not reading.

I’m also still working on cross stitch. It brings me a lot of peace, and joy.


The next bit of maintenance I need to do is to reconnect with my community, and I am working on that. I am looking forward to gathering my spiritual community in person soon. The other piece of reconnection is reaching out and making plans with friends. That part is a little more challenging for my introvert tendencies. However, I know how important it is to let people know I care about them!

The one major stress that I have – and this is really scary to say – is that we have to move by the end of the year. Rental and housing prices are crazy high, and vacancy is low. I am really hoping for a miracle. If you feel so inclined, please send some positive home finding energy my way!