Emerging from the COVID Cocoon

For the past 15 months, I feel like I have been in a fog. There have been brief moments of clarity and hope, sure. I’ve struggled with the effects, though, as I know many have. Hopefully, cautiously, I’m ready to start emerging from the COVID cocoon.

Into the Cocoon

When the lock down began last spring, I was like a caterpillar. I definitely ate my stress and packed on the pounds. I made some small efforts to improve, although most of them were fairly short lived. Depression makes motivation difficult.

I wrapped myself in routine and the protection of my home and family. Working from home meant more sleep, and less socialization. I kept busy, even though much of the time I was going through the motions.

Imaginal Cells

Once safely inside the cocoon, the caterpillar’s cells go through a radical transformation. The old cells that served the caterpillar stage die off to allow dormant cells of a completely different structure to grow, ones that will serve the butterfly (or moth) that it is becoming. Essentially, it dissolves into an organic goo of imaginal cells.

Imaginal cells are viewed by the caterpillar body as threats at first. They are attacked by its immune system, but they persevere, at first as lonely single cells, each acting independently. They send out signals to other cells that vibrate at the same frequency, and slowly they come together through the decay. Eventually, a tipping point happens where enough of the imaginal cells come together, start working together, and create a whole new being that looks nothing like what entered the chrysalis.

This metamorphosis is an excellent analogy for our human potential:

Emerging from the COVID Cocoon

A butterfly doesn’t just burst out of their chrysalis ready to fly. They have to struggle to release themselves from the casing the old body created to protect the new form. Then they have to work to expand their wings, which are quite small and compressed when they first emerge.

As more people get vaccinated and we start to see the pandemic numbers dropping, it is time to prepare ourselves for moving back into society, to emerge from our own protective cocoons that have kept us safe these many months.

What will that look like for you? What has transformed in you in your time in the COVID cocoon? How will you emerge differently?

Emerging from the COVID Cocoon

Intentional Emergence

I have teamed up with Karin Olsen of Moonhill Mystery School to create a four-week online event where we will explore these questions and more. We invite you to come together with a group of other imaginal cells to consciously create the future, to emerge from the pandemic stronger and grounded in your authentic self.

The world is a chaotic place. It is so easy to be blown off course, or swept up in the energy of rebuilding that we forget the tools we have and the hard won lessons we have learned. Karin and I have created this course as much for ourselves as for you, because we both desire to move forward slower, stepping into our whole selves.

Learn more about Emerging from the COVID Cocoon: Navigating the Maelstrom and sign up now. We start on June 23, and have a sliding scale for registration. I do hope you’ll join us in co-creation!