A Weekend of Library and Film

I had a very busy weekend, as usual. I didn’t get to sleep in, but I still managed to have a refreshing weekend.

Saturday morning started with North Island College’s Living Library as part of the Elevate the Arts celebration. I had the privilege of being one of the human “books”. The “Living Library is an event that brings together people who may not normally have an opportunity to have a one-on-one discussion, with the purpose of increasing awareness of diversity and fostering empathy and acceptance in our community. During the event, Readers ‘check out’ Books for 15 minutes at a time in order to hear their story and ask questions.” (from the NIC website).

I got to meet a lot of people, and share about Wicca, and my journey. And I received the gift of hearing some of their stories. It was an incredibly rewarding experience. The one thing I was disappointed about is that I didn’t have an opportunity to check out any of the other Books and hear their stories.

However, I did get to reconnect with a friend that I haven’t seen in years. After the event was over, we sat and had lunch together and caught up with each other. It was so refreshing, and energizing.

And THEN, I met another group of strong, amazing women, and we saw the new Wonder Woman movie together. Wow. I loved it. Themyscira was gorgeous (Can I live there?). And let’s face it, Gal Gadot is gorgeous. The Amazons are gorgeous. And Robin Wright is badass. (I didn’t even recognize her.)

There are many good quotes from the movie, which you can find on many websites. The one that hit me the hardest, though, was by the character Sameer. Unfortunately, I can’t find the exact quote online anywhere. What I remember is something like this:

We can’t always be what we want. I didn’t want to be a soldier. I wanted to be an actor. I’ve always loved acting. But I’m the wrong color.

The diversity in the film was wonderful. Still primarily white, though there was a lot more representation than I have seen in many other films.

Sunday was Market day, and writing. The usual.

Even though Saturday was jam-packed, I thoroughly enjoyed it. How was your weekend?



The Dark Side of Wonder Woman

I’ve written before about how some of my friends compare me to Wonder Woman. I take on a lot of commitments, and (most of the time) manage to somehow squeeze it all in.

Dark Side of Wonder WomanThere’s a dark side to being wonder woman, though. I want to DO ALL THE THINGS and LEARN ALL THE THINGS. (Gosh, this sounds awfully familiar…)

It’s really hard for me to say no. I want to help other people. I want to experience as much as I can. I want to seize the opportunities that present themselves to me.

Which leads to taking on too much. I’m getting better at knowing when I am close to my limits, and not taking some opportunities. And I still find myself wanting to say yes to more and more, and often at the beginning of the year.

The latest example is with the Seminary. I foolishly thought that once the Sophomore year was over, my schedule wouldn’t be quite as busy. Ha! Ha ha! Since when does the work load in school get lighter as you progress through the levels? Silly me.

Instead of one or two classes this term, I’m taking four. In addition to working full time, my other priestess duties, my family, rehearsals for Spring Mysteries… Oh, and teaching new students. It was a bit of a shock when I realized that I have a class or other obligation almost every night of the week.

I try not to list it out, because it raises my anxiety and gets me dangerously close to having my head explode. And I don’t think anyone wants that.

I’m doing several things to keep my stress levels down – to be more like Wonder Woman and less like the Incredible Hulk.

  1. I’m listening to my body. Like when I had a sinus headache last week and felt on the verge of a sinus infection, I took the day off work. I spent it at home napping, and drinking lots of garlic tea and lemon ginger tea. The next morning, I felt much better for the extra rest, and was able to go back to work.
  2. I’m taking my vitamins. My parents have a huge cupboard of supplements. I don’t really like taking a lot of supplements – I’d rather have a healthy diet. I’ve taken them on and off, but honestly, when money is tight, they are usually the first to go. I’m following my naturopath’s advice though, and once again taking a supplement cocktail to boost my body’s immune system, because having energy and staying healthy is important right now.
  3. I’m getting lots of rest. Sometimes that means I don’t get my homework done as quickly as I would like. Better to do it a little later than make myself sick because I didn’t sleep.
  4. I’m exercising. OK, I’m not doing this one as much as I would like, but see number 1 & 3.
  5. I’m organizing my time. What would I do without my iPhone calendar? If it’s not scheduled, it’s not happening. I’m even looking ahead. That doesn’t mean I’m necessarily working ahead, but I’m keeping a realistic view of what’s expected of me.
  6. I’m taking one step at a time. I’m focusing just on what’s in front of me, at the moment. I look ahead to reorient myself, then focus back on the next thing that’s due.

What are your tips for staying out of overwhelm when dropping a project isn’t an option? I look forward to hearing your comments below.



What Happens When Wonder Woman Takes a Day Off?

Wonder WomanI have a friend who calls me Wonder Woman and teases me about finding me a costume and a lasso. She says this because of how busy I am and all the things I have going on. There are days when I embrace that image – I can do anything!

And then there are days when I don’t. Days where I want to stay in bed all day reading or watching movies. (Like last Sunday, although that was somewhat imposed by no internet.) Or take a bath and a walk in the woods. Or just hang out with friends with no pressure to accomplish anything.

The good thing about taking a day off is that I feel refreshed, at least a bit. It’s nice to take off the costume once in a while and just be me.

The problem with that is that the next day, all the things I didn’t do the day before are still waiting for me, piling up with that day’s list of things to do. And then I have to work twice as hard. I feel like I am playing catch up until long after I have actually caught up.

Sometimes I think it would be nice to go back to not knowing a lot of the things I know now, about myself, about the world around me, about spirituality and mythology, about money, about the Law of Attraction… I think about how simple it seems for people who go to work, come home and watch TV with the family and do it all again the next day.

And then I give my head a shake, because I know that while it may seem more peaceful from where I am now, everyone has (creates) their own challenges and problems. That life isn’t problem free. Not only that, I wouldn’t be happy in that life. A mind once expanded can never go back to it’s original size.

I thrive best when I am challenged, when I am given the opportunity to learn new things and grow and teach. I’d get bored of the same-old same-old really quickly.

So maybe I’ll keep the costume for now, and content myself with taking the occasional day off and masquerading as a “normal” person. Even if it means I have extra work to do the next day.

Because, really, who doesn’t want to be Wonder Woman?



Maybe I Need to Start an Overachievers Anonymous Group

Hello. My name is Mary, and I am a workaholic.

I’ve known for a long time that I am one of those women who does too much. And reading the meditations for women like me didn’t seem to help.

overachiever wonder womanPart of my trouble is there is so much I want to experience and accomplish and learn and do! All of the major things on my project list are important to me. I’ve gone over my list numerous times, trying to decide which one I am willing to give up, and the answer is always, “none of them.”

This week, I realized that by having too many things on the go, I am not really doing justice to any of them. None of the projects are getting the attention and commitment I would prefer to give them, because I have too many other things taking up my time. So I end up doing a project half-heartedly instead of putting all of my energy into one or two things and doing them really well.

Or, some projects just don’t get any of my time at all, even though I fully intended to do great things. And then I feel guilty that I am not following through on my commitments, which doesn’t serve me either.

Then, I read this very interesting article, December Forecast 2011, from the Power Path. It basically affirmed for me that I need to draw my boundaries. Our perception of time is speeding up, and I need to choose where I want to direct my energy.

I have pretty much decided which projects are going to stay, and which are going to be placed on the back burner. I don’t know if I can truly give them up, even now, as they are so close to my heart and aligned with my passion. However, I can consciously choose to set them aside for now, instead of letting them languish and eat away at my energy.

I feel that if I can pare down, and do one (or two) things really, REALLY well, then the success that I have been looking for will find me, and more opportunities will open up that allow more time for the other experiences I want to be having.

Now, to keep myself focused and not get distracted by all the pretty, shiny temptations along the way!