Will the Real Mary Malinski Please Stand Up?

Before anything else, I want to wish my amazing husband Happy Anniversary! We’ve been married 19 years today, and I am so grateful for our continued partnership. Thank you for all the many ways you support me, David.

Spiritual FamilyWow. It’s been a whirlwind couple of months! This past weekend was the first I have had to myself in about two months. And in the past month particularly, I’ve had the opportunity to dive deeply into different aspects of my life.

It seems like more than a month ago, and at the same time nowhere near a month ago, that Spring Mysteries happened. That weekend I dove deeply into the priestess aspect of my life. I was involved in a powerful ritual drama, and had the opportunity to minister to many people. I also was immersed in the love and energy of my spiritual family. And it was wonderful!

Pacific ContactThe next weekend I went to a conference for work. I dove deeply into the theater and arts aspect of my life. I had the opportunity to connect with others in my field of work, and experience once again why I chose a career in the arts oh-so-long-ago. I was immersed in the energy of others who are also passionate about the arts and the difference music, theater and dance can make in our communities. And it was wonderful!

Peaks TrainingLast weekend I went to a personal development conference with Peak Potentials. Several years ago, my husband and I went to a lot of seminars with Peak Potentials as well as other organizations. This was my first time back at one in about 6 years. I had the opportunity to dive deeply into my life’s purpose, and mastermind with other change agents from around the world. I was immersed in the extremely high energy that only one of these seminars can create. AND I got to spend time with my best friend! And it was wonderful!

Me and DavidThis weekend I stayed home. I caught up on laundry, and watched videos with my family. I called my sister and my parents, and caught up with a good friend here at home that I have missed while I was traveling about. I was immersed in the energy of home and the love of my family. I celebrated 19 fantastic years with the love of my life. And it was wonderful!

Throughout all of these weeks, I experienced things I love. They are all quite different, and yet I would not be complete without any one of them. They all come together to help make me who I am.

I could look at each of these aspects – spirituality, arts, personal growth and family- and feel I had to make a choice between them. I could let it pull me in different directions, and eventually pull me apart.

However, I have been taught that when the question is either-or, the answer is BOTH. I don’t have to choose between the different aspects of my life, I can work to incorporate them all.

People sometimes ask me how I do all the things I do. The answer is I do them because I can’t NOT do them.

How about you? Do you know what you love? Do you experience the things you love? If you’d like to experience more of what you love each day, consider signing up for a free coaching session.



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Back to Normal?

The festival preparation craziness is over, and life returns to its previous pace. I somehow always delude myself into thinking that life will get easier once ____ is over. And yet, once that thing is over, there is always something (or several somethings) that fill the void.

What is Normal?It’s wonderful to get away. Unfortunately, the rest of the world rarely stops while I’m gone. So there are things to catch up on – work, bills, laundry, homework. And more keeps piling up. So I am once again behind on my homework and email responses, and more responsibilities are finding their way to me.

I found out at Spring Mysteries that the ArchPriestess of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Canada is going on a learning exchange to Ecuador for 5 months starting this summer. I am the Maiden of ATC Canada, so that means I’ll be filling for her while she’s away. Those are pretty big shoes to fill, let me tell you! I’m glad she’s only going for a short while. I really feel like I have a lot more to learn before I take on that big a leadership role.

Once again, my work will be closed over the summer, so I am being laid off for July and August. I decided that I am going to read tarot at the Farmer’s Market this summer. However, the Farmer’s Market started yesterday, so I will be starting that next week. So much for having Sundays off. I’m actually looking forward to it, though. It will definitely be good practice for me.

So between work, classes, teaching, coaching, and now the Farmer’s Market, there’s still not a lot of down time. Yet. In July, I’ll have plenty (and plenty of other projects to keep me busy, I’m sure. Like the new class I am writing for the Seminary.) I’ll just have to take my naps where I can get them!

People have asked me how I manage to do all the things I do. I come by it honestly – my mom was a workaholic and a perfectionist (and I say this affectionately, not as criticism!). That, and I just can’t NOT do any of the things that I do. They all fulfill me and support my life purpose in some way. If I were to stop doing them, I would be sad because I wouldn’t feel like I was moving toward my life purpose as fully. So I just keep going.

What about you? Are you moving toward your life purpose? What’s holding you back? Life coaching can help keep you on track and accelerate your progress. Drop me a line and check out how!



Taking Inspired Action

Now that it is 2011 (does that seem weird to anyone else?!?!), many people are making resolutions for changes they plan to make this year. Weight loss and financial growth are probably among the top resolutions for most people.

While I would love to lose some weight and grow financially, there is part of me that knows these things are already on the way, and I don’t have to push to make them happen.

My commitment this year is to seize the opportunities that present themselves before me that are in alignment with my purpose.

That last part is very important.  In the past, there have been opportunities presented to me (network marketing, anyone?) that were not in alignment with my life purpose.   And I took them because I was grasping for anything that would bring me “financial freedom” or more time to spend with my family.

Now, I’m not knocking network marketing.  I believe it is a viable course to wealth…for some people.  I’ve decided I’m not one of them, though.  Because it’s not in alignment with my life purpose.

Last week I took a small action and sent a message out to one of my online networks.  I really wasn’t expecting much response.  But I had several people contact me within a few hours of sending it out, and those connections were very high energy.  I contacted them back, and it was very clear from the conversations that these were Divine appointments that we were keeping.  It was a wonderful day that flowed easily and delightfully.

It’s amazing what taking inspired action can do!

Take Inspired Action 2011What is your resolution for 2011?  And what inspired action will you take?



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