My Kingdom for a WORKING Time-Turner

Last year a friend of mine gave me a Time-Turner for my birthday. Unfortunately, it was a toy, and not an actual working Time-Turner.


I mark the hours every one, nor have I yet outrun the Sun. My use & value unto you, are gauged by what you have to do.

For anyone who doesn’t know what a Time-Turner is, (I’m sorry you’re so sheltered!) it is a device in the Harry Potter series that allowed Hermione to attend extra classes, do all of her homework AND get some sleep by turning time backwards and allowing her to re-live the same hour twice. Oh, and she used it to save the day in “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”.

As much as I might have needed a *working* Time-Turner last year, I’m wishing for one even more this year.

I’ve been stepping down from many of my commitments in the past month. This is a big deal for me. I generally want to do ALL THE THINGS. I hate having to say no. I want to experience and accomplish so much, letting any opportunity pass me by is difficult.

Big goals require big energy and big focus. I can’t say I’ve had big energy or focus lately. I’ve been feeling like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland lately – “I’m late!” I’m barely keeping up with my workload. And look ahead? Ha!

I was home sick for two days last week. That’s unheard of for me. Usually I’m back up and running after one day, if I even get sick at all. Even my body was telling me to slow down.

After breaking down in tears last night – again – over something that wouldn’t normally upset me that much, I had to take a closer look at myself. I could take the easy excuse and say that Demeter’s energy was affecting me. That may be part of it, and it’s not the whole picture.

The bigger picture is that I am upset with myself. I haven’t been giving ANYTHING the time and attention I would prefer. So I looked at what is really important to me and scaled back again.

I’m always amazed at how good it feels to decommit from something. I put pressure on myself to keep all these balls in the air – no one is looking down on me wondering why I’m not doing more.

Please don’t be surprised if I miss a blog post here or there over the next couple of months. I’m working on maintaining my sanity and relieving some of the pressure I have put on myself.

How about you? How are you handling your commitments? Are you putting too much pressure on yourself?




Doing Nothing to Increase Productivity

I admit it, I overdid it.

Saturday was Nanaimo Pagan Pride Day. Last year, our Circle performed the main ritual for the day. This year, another group was scheduled for that task. Several members of our Circle had items they wanted to sell, so we booked vendor space. My intention was to sell my guided meditations, and share information about our church. I also agreed to do a one-hour workshop during the event.

About two weeks before the event, there was a call for volunteers to help with onsite tasks. I signed up to support all the people (many of whom are friends of mine) who put in so much effort leading up to the event. There were supposed to be quite a few members from our Circle attending, and they would be able to watch our booth while I was working.

Two days before the event, I was invited to play a part in the main ritual. Since I am always keen to participate, I said yes. My theater training comes in handy at times like this!

The day before the event, I found out that one key person who was going to be selling items at the event had decided not to go because of a miscommunication. My family had another commitment Friday night that ran longer than anticipated, and so I got to bed later than I would have preferred. And my youngest son woke up sick just after 3 am. I ended up cleaning him up twice, and not really falling back to sleep.

On four hours sleep, and two large mugs of tea, off we went to the event. At the site, I turned on. We set up the booth, and got ready for the event to officially begin. Thirty minutes before the opening ritual, the event organizer came up to ask me for help. He needed a priestess for the opening ritual, since the priestess he usually works with had a baby last week. Of course, I agreed.

My day had gone from some commitment to a very full day. My energy held out all day – I think I was running on performance adrenalin. I even made it through dinner after the event, still feeling pretty good. I had thought I might sleep on the way home, but my husband was also pretty tired, and needed to talk to stay awake on the 90 minute drive.

Doing nothing is very importantWe made it home safely, and fell right into bed. When I finally woke up on Sunday, I got dressed like it was going to be a normal, productive day. Only it wasn’t. I did nothing all day. Well, not entirely nothing. I watched a movie with my children, did one load of laundry, and played games on my phone. I tried to read a book, but I couldn’t keep focused on it. I also made dinner for the boys and myself.

Throughout the day I kept thinking that there were other things I could be doing. And I gave myself permission to just be where I was, low energy and all.

Monday was still a bit low energy, though I was much more prepared to take action on blogs and video and coaching. I was very grateful for the time I gave myself to do nothing. It was definitely necessary for recharging my batteries!

What do you do to recharge?



Taking Inspired Action

Now that it is 2011 (does that seem weird to anyone else?!?!), many people are making resolutions for changes they plan to make this year. Weight loss and financial growth are probably among the top resolutions for most people.

While I would love to lose some weight and grow financially, there is part of me that knows these things are already on the way, and I don’t have to push to make them happen.

My commitment this year is to seize the opportunities that present themselves before me that are in alignment with my purpose.

That last part is very important.  In the past, there have been opportunities presented to me (network marketing, anyone?) that were not in alignment with my life purpose.   And I took them because I was grasping for anything that would bring me “financial freedom” or more time to spend with my family.

Now, I’m not knocking network marketing.  I believe it is a viable course to wealth…for some people.  I’ve decided I’m not one of them, though.  Because it’s not in alignment with my life purpose.

Last week I took a small action and sent a message out to one of my online networks.  I really wasn’t expecting much response.  But I had several people contact me within a few hours of sending it out, and those connections were very high energy.  I contacted them back, and it was very clear from the conversations that these were Divine appointments that we were keeping.  It was a wonderful day that flowed easily and delightfully.

It’s amazing what taking inspired action can do!

Take Inspired Action 2011What is your resolution for 2011?  And what inspired action will you take?



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