If You Could Have Any Superpower…

Quite a few years ago, my husband and I used to play several different role-playing games with friends on a fairly regular basis. One of the games we played was about superheroes.female superhero

My character was named Gemini. Her superpower was that she could split into two people. And it wasn’t a hologram – both were fully formed, physical people that could interact independently.  And when they merged back together, they remembered everything each one had experienced.

That game has come up a couple times recently, and I’ve been thinking how wonderful it would be to have that power. Think of how much more I could get done each day!

I’ve also had conversations with my children at different times, usually when they were pretty young, about how they wished there were two mommies – one to go to work and one to play with them. (Talk about heart-breaking conversations!)

It would be wonderful to have two of me – one could go to work, and one could play with the boys. One could go to class, and one could work out. One could read a book, and one could prepare a meal. The possibilities are endless!

Of course, I’m sure there would be a down side. I’d probably get tired twice as easily. And I would probably still end up over-committing my self (my selves?) to things. And there still wouldn’t be enough time to do ALL the things I want to do, even with 12 of me!

Still, it would be a pretty amazing power to have. If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?



One Response

  1. the ability to freeze time all arouund you would be perfection itself ….picture yourself sitting in work …i`m just nipping out for a fag…..flash bang…freeze time ..have a weeks extremely lazy holiday in the blazing sunshine which of course would be frozen in the sky as well…. come home /back to the office ..unfreeze time ..nip to the toilet have a quick puff or 2 and stroll back in….apart from the horrendous sunburn…no one need ever know