What Happens When Wonder Woman Takes a Day Off?

Wonder WomanI have a friend who calls me Wonder Woman and teases me about finding me a costume and a lasso. She says this because of how busy I am and all the things I have going on. There are days when I embrace that image – I can do anything!

And then there are days when I don’t. Days where I want to stay in bed all day reading or watching movies. (Like last Sunday, although that was somewhat imposed by no internet.) Or take a bath and a walk in the woods. Or just hang out with friends with no pressure to accomplish anything.

The good thing about taking a day off is that I feel refreshed, at least a bit. It’s nice to take off the costume once in a while and just be me.

The problem with that is that the next day, all the things I didn’t do the day before are still waiting for me, piling up with that day’s list of things to do. And then I have to work twice as hard. I feel like I am playing catch up until long after I have actually caught up.

Sometimes I think it would be nice to go back to not knowing a lot of the things I know now, about myself, about the world around me, about spirituality and mythology, about money, about the Law of Attraction… I think about how simple it seems for people who go to work, come home and watch TV with the family and do it all again the next day.

And then I give my head a shake, because I know that while it may seem more peaceful from where I am now, everyone has (creates) their own challenges and problems. That life isn’t problem free. Not only that, I wouldn’t be happy in that life. A mind once expanded can never go back to it’s original size.

I thrive best when I am challenged, when I am given the opportunity to learn new things and grow and teach. I’d get bored of the same-old same-old really quickly.

So maybe I’ll keep the costume for now, and content myself with taking the occasional day off and masquerading as a “normal” person. Even if it means I have extra work to do the next day.

Because, really, who doesn’t want to be Wonder Woman?



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