Spiritual Grounding

Grounding has become a very important part of my daily (and  nightly!) meditation practice. Some of you may be familiar with the term, and others not.

Grounding is a common return path for current, or a direct connection with the Earth. This is true in spiritual terms as well as electrical terms. For electricity, grounding is done to prevent a build up of static or excess current.

Standing barefoot on the EarthYou probably know that everything is energy, including you. So it makes sense that what is a good idea for conducting electricity is a good idea for your energetic body.

There are quite a number of ways to ground your own energy.

The simplest is to stand barefoot on the ground. Grass or bare earth is preferable for this to cement or pavement. This provides you with a direct physical connection to the Earth, just like an electrical ground, so any excess or harmful energy can be sent back to the Earth. Some people use stones or crystals to create this connection with the Earth.

Another method of grounding is to visualize roots extending down into the Earth from your feet and your core, like a tree. See them extending deep down into the Earth, spreading wide and deep. Not only can you release any excess or harmful energy through your root system, you can also draw positive energy up into your body from the Earth, like a tree drawing up nutrients.

plug in to EarthMy current favorite method of grounding involves visualizing a cord extending down from my energetic center (around the level of my belly button, and directly in the center of my body from front to back). I see this cord extending down into the Earth, and I visualize it plugging directly in to the Earth’s core. Just as with the tree visualization above, I release any negative or excess energy into the Earth to be recycled, and draw positive healing energy up into my body. I take a moment at each of the seven chakras, feeling them activate and recharge. Then I extend the energy up through the top of my head, connecting to my Higher Self and Source energy. I become the direct connection between Heaven and Earth.

I find that after grounding, I am able to clear my mind much quicker and easier. My day goes more smoothly – I am not as easily irritated or frustrated. I also don’t tire as easily, since I can supplement my own energy with the abundant energy of the Earth. And at night, I fall asleep faster, too.



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