Manifesting in Uncertainty

A lot of my life is up in the air right now, and the unknown can be really scary. I crave security, control, and certainty, yet that seems strangely out of reach right now. How do I go about manifesting in uncertainty?

Control Freak

Manifesting in Uncertainty

Image of a man in a suit walking a tightrope in the clouds. The end of the tightrope is a scribble and a question mark.

I am a control freak. OK, maybe freak isn’t the right word (or maybe it is?). The point is, I really like to have a plan, and know what is coming (so I can plan for it). I know, I know… “the only constant in the world is change”. That doesn’t mean I can’t have plans for those changes, though.

Humans make plans and the Gods laugh. (Cliches seem to be my mode of communication right now…) Planning for every contingency isn’t possible, I get that. Even if it were possible, it would be exhausting. It IS exhausting. Manifesting in uncertainty is like that, too.

Enough vague-blogging, Mary. What is going on???

Work Uncertainty

With the cases of COVID, in particular the Delta variant, on the rise, the future of live events is once again in jeopardy. This is challenging for my day job at a live theater, as well as planning in person rituals for my Church.

Rituals can pretty easily flip back to online events if needed – we’re already doing hybrid events. It would be disappointing, sure. We’ve done it before, though, and we can do it again.

Day job is going to be more of a challenge. Early in the summer, it looked like BC was right on track with the restart plan. People were getting vaccinated, cases were down, and there was a hope of getting back to full capacity. Event planning was on the rise.

If we don’t move to the next stage as planned, which is, unfortunately, a definite possibility, it is going to mean a lot of work moving tickets around, or even rescheduling and cancelling events. Again. We’ve done it before, though, and we can do it again.

Home Uncertainty

Definitely the biggest stressor in my life right now is housing. We’ve been given notice by our landlord that he wants to sell. He’s been generous, and gave us six months to either move out or purchase. One month is already gone. And this is where the challenge, especially for me, comes in.

We don’t currently have the funds to outright purchase, and were turned down by one mortgage company. We are waiting for an appointment with a bank, word on my husband’s work situation, phone calls, letters, and emails. Waiting is so hard!

I am intensely aware of time passing. Six months – now five – is a long time, and not very much time at all. I haven’t applied for other rentals yet, because of the waiting for other information. Did I mention that waiting is hard?

Not to mention that housing prices, both for purchasing and renting, are extremely overinflated. Even though I have a long term employer, and earn a decent amount of money, one income is not enough.

Manifesting in Uncertainty

The law of attraction says to “focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want”. “Energy flows where attention goes.” So I’m using my power of manifestation to my benefit.

9:00 pm is the Sacred Minute. I’m not sure who started it, though I am using it. Every night at 9 pm, I stop what I am doing, and focus on what I want to manifest. I have an alarm set for 8:59, so I can get in the right head space.

On the new moon, I spent some focus time meditating on my ideal solution. I even wrote myself a new moon cheque from the Universe to help manifest that goal.

Also on the new moon, I set up a space for Lakshmi on one of my altars. Lakshmi is a Goddess of Abundance, so I started praying to her each morning and evening to bless my endeavors. I also have a ritual I do each night for manifesting.

I also joined a group on Facebook that posts a lot of manifesting abundance memes. Each time I see one of the positive blessings or affirmations, it reminds me that the Universe is moving to support me.

It isn’t always easy to stop the worry from creeping in. When it does, I return to what I want, and trust the Universe to meet my needs. And so it is.