Thoughts on the Eclipse

I’ve been contemplating different things to write about this week. There are a few things going on in my life that I’ve thought to share with you. And yet, the eclipse is so timely.

I went out this morning and sat in my yard with the sun shining on me. We had light cloud cover. I meditated about connecting with the earth and sun and moon, and the intention I have for this eclipse.

Homemade Eclipse ViewerI felt the moment the eclipse began. Well, I felt a shift, around the time the eclipse began. I asked the Dark Mother Goddess, (Kali, Ereshkigal, Hekate, Morrigan, the “mean” mom) to take away the negativity and fear and hate and greed. I asked Her to take into herself anything that does not serve the highest good of humanity and our beloved planet Earth, and transform it.

I took turns with my husband and our boys looking through our homemade pinhole viewer, and watching the image created from a hole punched in a piece of cardboard projected onto a piece of paper. Because of the light cloud, we weren’t able to get any crisp images.

A wonderful neighbor came by with a pair of eclipse glasses, and allowed us to have a look through them. The eclipse was only about 30% by that point. Still, it was fascinating to see the clear image of the orange crescent sun. It was even more fun to see the look on my youngest son’s face when he took his turn looking through the glasses.

Crescents from the eclipseWe looked at the crescents that were made on our van by the light coming through the leaves. We listened as the crickets increased their chorus. We watched the quality of the light change to a strange combination of overcast day and twilight. We felt the temperature drop.

As the eclipse reached it’s maximum (I don’t live in the path of totality, so our maximum was about 86%), I imagined the union of the God and Goddess, the Sun and the Moon, giving birth to a new reality of love and joy and compassion and understanding and appreciation – appreciation of the diversity of our experiences as humans and appreciation of out Mother Earth. I held the vision of increased vibration, increased trust, and increased awareness of the effects of our choices.

We came inside and witnessed the diamond ring of totality flare on the computer screen from somewhere in Oregon, sealing this intention for a new reality. May we all work together to bring this vision to fruition.



PS. Do I think the eclipse was a magic pill that will allow us to suddenly wake up in an alternate reality? No. And, it is a catalyzing moment. It will take a lot of work to make this vision a reality. I hope you’ll join me in my commitment to making it happen.