The Cost of Business

I’m sure this comes as no surprise to any of you. Running a business is expensive! Even if (especially if?) it is a part time business.

time and moneyIt’s on my mind because I have had to order more supplies recently. More business cards. More marketing. More website resources. More product.

And more time. (I wish I could buy that as easily as I can the business cards, although I’m sure the time would be MUCH more expensive!)

When you run a business, there is always something that needs to be done. There is content or product to create, networking to be done, and marketing. There is always more marketing that can be done.

And it’s probably the place I miss the most opportunities. I love creating content. I love designing. I love teaching. I know how important marketing is. I even know a lot of the “how to”. I still struggle with it.

It takes time. The resource I struggle to manage the most as I follow my passion. It’s a good thing I love what I do!



Speeding into 2012

Time is speeding up. How often have you said to yourself, “Where did this day/week/month go?” Or, “How can it be the end of the month already?” I catch myself saying this all the time, and I hear many others around me echoing this same sentiment.

Speeding UpBut is time really speeding up, or is it just our perception that it is? The turning of one year into the next often causes me to reflect on the year that is ending. What did I accomplish? What did I say I wanted to accomplish that I may not have? And what do I want to accomplish in the year to come?

This reflection is why many people make New Year’s Resolutions – to remind them of what they want to accomplish. So often, these resolutions are forgotten, or even consciously thrown out the window before the end of January.

I heard a year or two ago that the pulse of the Earth has been getting faster. I found this quote several places online:

“Time is actually speeding up (or collapsing). For thousands of years the Schumann Resonance or pulse (heartbeat) of Earth has been 7.83 cycles per second, The military have used this as a very reliable reference. However, since 1980 this resonance has been slowly rising. It is now over 12 cycles per second! This mean there is the equivalent of less than 16 hours per day instead of the old 24 hours. “

It has me reflecting on time, and my appreciation of time. I’ve been given some opportunities in the past week, and I’m really having to take an honest look at how I use the time I have.

I often think that I can fit something that I want to do into my schedule. Looking ahead, I think, “Oh, I have time in the evenings  or weekends to do that, no problem!” But when the evenings come, I am exhausted from work, or I need to take time with my children, or someone phones, and suddenly it is time to sleep.

It comes down to two questions: What is my passion? And what is my purpose? When I look at the opportunities in that light, it is much easier to decide whether to say yes or no or not now. And keeping those questions in mind helps me stay focused as I set my goals for this coming year. Because when I am in alignment with my passion and my purpose, time flies because I am enjoying myself, and not because I have taken on too much.



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Time Destroys All Things

This thing all things devours:
Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;
Gnaws iron, bites steel;
Grinds hard stones to meal;
Slays king, ruins town,
And beats high mountain down.

~One of Gollum’s riddles for Bilbo in
The Hobbit, by JRR Tolkein

I had an insight this week while I was meditating on Kali. One of the places I researched is, of course, Wikipedia.

The name Kali comes from kala, which means black, time, death, lord of death, Shiva. Kali means “the black one”. Since Shiva is called Kala – the eternal time, Kali, his consort, also means “the Time” or “Death” (as in time has come). Hence, Kali is considered the goddess of time and change.

Besides the nature of so many of the images we have of Kali, could this be part of the reason we in the West are afraid of Kali? Our society seems to value youth and beauty above all else (except money). We create endless products to slather on our skin, ingest into our bodies, or worse, go under the surgeon’s knife in an effort to preserve the appearance of youth. The media constantly determines what it beautiful for us, and women in particular starve and torture themselves to be more like the images we are shown. And yet all of these, youth, beauty and money, vanish in time.

eyetimeAs a Goddess, Kali is eternal. As time, she really is “dancing the world to destruction” because everything eventually crumbles and decays. Her dance goes on, heedless of our protests or pleading.

The only thing that stops Kali’s dancing in myth is Shiva – in one story he stops her by laying down beneath her feet, and in another version he turns himself into a baby and his crying interrupts her. For me, time seems to stand still when I am with my lover. And nothing else matters when my child is crying.

In both of these stories, love and compassion stop the destructive dance of time. Through the eyes of love, all things are made beautiful. Age no longer matters. And looking with compassion, I am able to find beauty in (almost!) every experience.

My heart is full to overflowing from these realizations. I wish you much beauty this week!