Walking a Tightrope

Ah, September. The children are going back to school, and so are many adults I know. It seems to me that September is really one of the busiest times of the year, second only to December, perhaps.

I have meetings scheduled, more online coursework to complete, rehearsals are starting, and more responsibility at work. I also have to get ready for The ONE: A Spiritual Event later this month. I’m working really hard not to let myself get overwhelmed, and some days that is easier than others.

In some ways, being so busy is exciting.  There are lots of beginnings, opportunities, fresh starts. And in other ways, it is scary. Will I manage to keep all of my commitments, and still keep my sanity?

Tightrope WalkerI find myself once again looking for that elusive thing called balance. I understand it is not a static state of being – breathe and the balance is upset one way or the other.  I imagine myself as a tight rope walker, with a stack of plates balanced on my head and holding my breath lest they fall. If I can make it from here to the other end of the rope without breaking any plates, then I’ll be able to breathe deeply again.

Why do I do this to myself – take on so many activities that it is difficult to keep up with them all? Partly because there are so many parts of me to please. I am a wife, a mother, an employee, a theater lover, a coach, a life-long learner…the list goes on and on. I wouldn’t be satisfied with coming home after work and sitting back in front of the tv.

And yet, there is a (rather large) part of me that longs for weeks of no schedule, no plans, just sleep and eat and do whatever takes my interest at the moment.

So I take those moments when I can get them. And sometimes it means leaving something undone. I can take responsibility for my actions and my happiness. Taking care of myself is vitally important. And if I can meet others needs, too, then it is a great day.

Here’s to making it through the month! 🙂