Market Season is Here!

Spring is here! (It is in full bloom here on Vancouver Island.) And that means Market time, and tarot readings!

There’s a bit of me that is disappointed with myself for not having made more sweater coats over the winter. I’m working on being gentle with myself – I had healing and other work to do.

Tea-and-Tarot-Poster-rev-smI’m actually excited to get back to reading regularly. It is something I quite enjoy!

Here’s the upcoming schedule of events (so far!):

I’m sure there will be more events added as the time goes forward. And fingers crossed that I can get some more sweater coats made.

I hope to see some of you at the markets!



Remind Me of Your Name?

I feel awful. Horrible. If I’ve done this to you, I offer you my sincerest apologies.

Hello my name isI forget people’s names.

It’s happened a couple of times in the past few weeks. I see a face I recognize, and no name comes to me. Or it comes to me after the person has walked away.

I see a lot of different people when I’m doing tarot readings. Sometimes I will ask someone their name and promptly forget it. Or forget it as soon as they walk away. Sometimes I can hold onto a name a little longer. It seems that unless I am seeing someone or interacting in some way on a regular basis, names don’t stick.

At my job, I used to be the front end customer service. I was in that role for almost 10 years. There were a few customers that I knew by name, because they would come in regularly or because they were also volunteers at the theatre. Once we installed our computerized ticketing system, it became a little easier for me, because I could look at their accounts and associate a visual name with the face. It took me many years to get there, though.

In my spiritual community, I went to Spring Mysteries Festival for several years before I could remember most people’s names, and then it was only because we became friends on Facebook, so I had a visual name to attach to the face.

So if I see you at an event when I am out reading tarot, or anywhere in public, please forgive me if I forget your name. I’m working on being better with my name and face recall. I’m conscious of this now, and that is the first step to making a change. Please be patient with me!