Short and Sweet Doesn’t Apply to Sleep

I spent most of the last two days at Dak-Kon, a local games convention that my husband helped organize. Since my boys all wanted to attend, I said I would run the concession.

My eldest wanted to play in several different games on Saturday. Unfortunately, the Magic: The Gathering draft tournament he played in started at 7:00 pm… and didn’t get done until about 12:30 am. Needless to say, I am exhausted after being up for 20 hours on Saturday!

I’m taking it easy today. I slept in, and took a bath. A real self-care day. And who knows, I might even take a nap! (Who am I kidding? Once the boys get home from school, naps are out of the question.)

Anyway, I know how important sleep is. Here’s a video I created this summer about some sleep myths.