Snow Day

We had snow this weekend. A LOT of snow. More snow that we’ve had in several years. Put together.

Snow DayIt started on Thursday night. By morning, it was there stereotypical winter wonderland. And because we don’t get snow very often, very little was plowed. It took an hour for my husband to get the boys to school and then come back and pick me up from an appointment I was at.

We managed to make it home without any incident, though it was close a couple of times! And it took quite a bit longer than usual.

Once home, we didn’t want to leave, which greatly upset our oldest, who wanted to to go visit his girlfriend. I, however, was content to stay in the warm house with my computer and my book.

When I woke up Saturday morning, it was still snowing. And there had been no plow in our neighborhood. We were supposed to go to an event that evening. I kept hoping it would stop snowing. By noon, though, it was pretty clear that it was not going to let up.

It was like the Universe was telling me to take the weekend off. I listened. We cancelled our event that night. I spent the day doing a craft project I had been wanting to do and ticking off some movies on my watch list.

When the power went out (very briefly), I decided it was time to turn the computer off and read. Before the weekend was out, I finished the book I was reading, the last in the series I’ve been reading for quite a while.

I made hot chocolate, and watched my boys play in the snow.

The snow finally stopped late Saturday, and the plow came by just before midnight. Even so, I cancelled my travel plans for Sunday as well. The lazy, snowy weekend had me wanting to stay close to home. AT home.

Like a gentle reprieve from the world, the snow let me hibernate. Sure, it was a temporary reprieve. In crazy, busy times, I will take whatever I can get.