Do You Hear What I Hear?

Saturday morning my back yard was calling me.  So I decided to change up my morning meditation routine.  I went out into the middle of the back yard, sat down, closed my eyes and listened.

I heard the crows and the blue jays, and the other little birds that I can’t identify by their calls.  I heard several different dogs in the neighborhood announcing their presence.  I heard the wind whispering to me in the trees.  I heard two different sets of wind chimes on the house down the hill – one high and metallic, and another low and wooden, both musical in their own way.

I heard traffic on the highway half a mile away.  I heard conversations from several different directions, and my husband and eldest son waking up inside the house.  I heard my son ever so quietly cross the lawn and sit down next to me for a morning snuggle.  And I heard a child (not mine!) crying.

In amongst actively listening to all these sounds, my mind was quiet.  The random thoughts were stilled.  Why?  Because I gave my mind a specific job to do: Listen.  Giving your mind a job to do is a great way to get it off of something your worried about, or to get it off of creating more worries.

The great part is, you can do it anywhere.  At your desk, or go outside on your lunch break, or just before you drift off to sleep.

Close your eyes for a moment (once you’re done reading).  What sounds do you hear?