Choices in Perspective

Today (Sunday, when I’m actually writing this), was the Pier Street Market. It’s the Market that I read tarot at every Sunday (almost) from May-September, in lovely Campbell River, BC.

Market Comparison Walks WithinIt’s right on the waterfront, next to the pier. It’s an absolutely gorgeous location – beautiful sea breeze, view of the water and Quadra Island. And most of the summer, the weather is great. We have the odd occasion where the wind threatens to take out our tent, but we’ve had sun almost the whole season.

Except today. Today, autumn announced itself, with wind and rain. Close to half of the vendors (I think) backed out or just didn’t show up today. We even sat in the parking lot for a while trying to decide whether to stay or go, and if we stayed, how and where to set up.

We did stay, and really had to adapt for the weather. Because of the wind, the rain got everywhere, even inside the pop-up. Every gust spattered us inside the tent. (Admittedly, the pop-up is three years old, and it gets regular use in the summer, so the canopy is showing its age.)

We used our van as a brace, and bungee’d the legs to the tires. We used the curtains that normally make a privacy area for reading to make a canopy within the canopy, so the tarot cards would stay dry. We pulled the table back further into the tent, and didn’t put out all of our normal display to avoid damage.

And then we waited.

And waited.

And smiled at the hardy folks who came to the Market. And waited.

I thought to myself, “This is it. This is going to be the first day that I haven’t even made my table fees.”

This isn’t actually the first time that I have thought that. I have had quiet days in the past. The mental conversation typically goes something like this:

“Quiet day today. It’s still early. It will pick up. Today’s going to be the first day that I don’t make my table fees. Grr! That sucks. Focus on the positive. Be attractive. Maybe that person will come for a reading. No? I’m so angry. They’re going to ask for my table fees and it has to come out of my pocket. GRRR! Calm down. Relax. I can’t have lunch, because I haven’t made any money, and now I’m hangry, too. Great. ”

Et cetera, et cetera, working myself up into a tizzy of frustration and poor me. Which usually ends up as a lot of wasted energy, because I have always covered my table fees, at a minimum.

Today was different. The conversation started out the same. Up until the “Grr!” Today, it was, “Oh well. I’ve done well at other Markets, and that’s part of the risk of coming out.”

I actually maintained a positive expectation to cover the table fees. Yes, I dipped into doubt a few times, and I was able to bring myself back up easily. Even when the Market coordinator came to collect the fees, I was OK with it. I didn’t complain. I mentioned that we hadn’t done any business today, but not in the hope of not having to pay (like I sometimes have before). More as information for how the Market went overall.

I tried to work out the reasons we weren’t doing as well. Was it the weather? Was it our location? Was it because our tent was set back a little from the rest of the row? Was it because we had less on display? Did it really matter?

No. It didn’t. I was in a position of abundance instead of lack. Is positive thinking and a positive attitude a cure for all your ills? No. It still helps.

Sure enough, in the last half hour of the Market, I had two full length readings back to back that not only covered the table fees, they also covered the lunch my husband and I had. Thank you, Universe!



Can I Introvert Now?

Long week was long. Really, really long.

I’m tired. Burnt out. Exhausted.

introvert modeI’ve completely run out of almost all the supplements I’ve been taking to support my system. I just worked a 48.5 hour week at work, with only one day off after the previous 44 hour week. And on my one day off, I read tarot at the Pier Street Market.

This weekend (and week, really) was full of extroverted activities. Fun and amazing ones, and extroverted nonetheless.

Saturday was the first annual North Island Pride event in Campbell River. I was one of only a couple of vendors at the event, along with my friend Sarah of Glittering Streaks. I was so honored to be part of this event. There were a large number of young people there, which was fabulous to see. I was honored to be part of the festivities, especially in light of the Supreme Court ruling in the US this past week!

In the evening, the Tidemark Theatre hosted APOCALYPSTICK! – a drag show from East Van. I got all dressed up (sorry, I don’t have any pictures yet!) and Sarah and I went to the show. I felt really self conscious, but everyone said I looked fabulous. It was so much fun! The ladies were a hoot, and SO. MANY. COSTUMES! I love dress-up!

The show meant a late night, and I was back up and at it early Sunday morning for the Market again. It was a fairly quiet day at the Market, which was probably a blessing.

Even when it is quiet at the Market, I still have to turn my extrovert self on. (Not many people would come up to a introverted tarot reader at the Market. Selling your skills or products is, by nature, an extroverted activity.) I also keep my shields at a fairly high level because of all the people. By the end of the Market, I was done.

Alright. Enough whining/complaining/explaining. How am I going to get through the next bit of craziness until I can relax? (Well, let’s be realistic: until the NEXT bit of craziness begins…).

It’s time to engage introvert mode. I think tonight is going to consist of reading, and an early bedtime.

I’ve got about one more week before vacation time starts. I’m doing my best to keep my commitments down to bare essentials over the next week.

Right at this moment I’m listening to the birds chirp. And surfing the internet, watching random videos. But mostly just sitting.

I’m also going to take some time to put my feet in the ocean. It’s amazing how that helps to clear my head and relax me.

And, I’m counting down the days until I can sleep in! 🙂