And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Chaos

Maybe. I might put it off until tomorrow, though. Did I mention I’m a procrastinator sometimes?

Last week was extremely busy for me – more packed than my usually crazy schedule. We loaded the set into the theater on Sunday, rehearsed Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, and then had shows from Wednesday – Sunday (2 on Saturday). After the show yesterday, we struck the set, and took it all back to the clubhouse.

Today, I slept in. And I’m still in my pj’s. I have a few self-care things planned for my day, before the Peaceful Woman meet-up tonight. But I’m relishing this tiny amount of down time before I go back to work tomorrow.

So, I’m keeping this post very short, because it is too close to being like work right now. I may be back next week with something less fluffy. We’ll see.



Theatre Has Taken Over My Life (Again!)

Last summer I auditioned for a play with the local community theater – the female version of The Odd Couple. I have my degree in theater, but aside from a little backstage work, I haven’t been on stage since I graduated University.

I’m not sure why I auditioned, really, other than I thought it would be fun. Logically, my mind argued that I have more than enough commitments on my plate already, and what was I thinking adding one more? Especially one that would ultimately take over my life for at least a month, or more.

Odd Couple PosterThere was a small voice in my head that kept calling me to audition though. And sure enough, I was offered a part. Not one of the main characters (thank goodness, or I would surely be breaking down about now). I tell people I’m one of the “cronies”, one of the friends of Olive and Florence who comes over for the weekly game of Trivial Pursuit.

As exhausted as I am, I’ve really been enjoying the process. We’re working with a professional director, Ruth Nichol, and the other women who are in the show are fabulous. We’ve done a few things together for bonding, and I am really looking forward to continuing these relationships into the future.

If you don’t hear from me next week, it’s because we’re putting the last finishing touches on the show before we open. 🙂

If you happen to be on Vancouver Island, the show runs November 16th-20th at the Tidemark Theatre in Campbell River. I’d love to have you come see the show!



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To Spelunk, or Not to Spelunk

That’s such a cool word…spelunk. My spell checker doesn’t seem to like it. Still, just say it out loud a few times. Spelunk.

Today is Labor Day, a day when we celebrate all our hard work with an extra day off. For me, it’s just a regular day off, since I don’t work on Mondays.

Horne Lake CavesAnd I have a decision to make. A friend of mine has invited my family and others to go spelunking as a group at Horne Lake Caves on Vancouver Island. It’s something I have wanted to do ever since we moved to the Island, more than 10 years ago.

On the other hand, my to-do list is about a mile long. With co-workers leaving at work, rehearsals for a play I am in about to start, and getting ready for my upcoming workshops and retreat, it doesn’t look like it will be getting shorter anytime soon.

Then again, this is the last weekend of the summer.  Tomorrow, my boys go back to school.  And I haven’t taken any vacation this year, beyond the odd day or two here or there.  It would be nice to have a fun family day before the craziness of September begins.

I could probably get a lot done if I stayed home while my family went out for the day.

And I would really miss being there with them.

All work and no play makes Mary a dull girl. Given that I have a very busy September ahead of me, I think I’m going spelunking. All my work will still be waiting for me when I get back.



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Changing My Mind to Change My Reality

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” ~Albert Einstein

In coming out from my trip to the Underworld (otherwise known as emotional breakdown, depression, freak out, etc), I remembered this quote from Einstein.  If I really want to change my circumstances, I need to change how I think about them.

Change My MindI had two conversations last week with friends that helped me get more clarity about what it is that I am really wanting. (Incidentally, both of them are Peaceful Women.) The first happened by synchronicity – because it certainly wasn’t planned, nor was it an accident.

I was on the Peaceful Woman conference line because I thought there was supposed to be a group call.  Only three of us ended up being on the call, so we started to share what had been going on recently for each of us.  I listened to the exciting things that the other two had been doing, and I almost didn’t want to share. I did anyway, and one of the women asked me a question about my situation that many have asked before about why my husband doesn’t do something different.

My first thought was, “Great. Here I go again having to defend choices my husband and I have made.” I briefly explained, and she simply answered, “OK. That’s the vision that I will hold for you then.”

I was shocked. I thanked her right away, and told her how much it meant to me that she didn’t question me or my choices. She just accepted me, and told me she would hold positive space for me. It helped me realize that part of what contributed to my meltdown was having to defend my choices from other people’s suggestions. I was craving this kind of support – acceptance of where I am, and assistance in holding the vision of what I want to create.

Later in the week, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with another Peaceful Woman who is also an amazing Life Coach.  She helped me find even more clarity about why I was feeling so stressed (by uncovering exactly what about my changed circumstances at work was challenging my values), and why I was sabotaging myself from continuing all my positive habits (because they are things I have control over, and I was feeling very out of control in other areas of my life). Simply having the higher awareness of what was really going on for me opened up the space in me to shift my perception.

She also acknowledged me for the growth I have experienced, and for the steps I have already taken to change my perception. I have spoken my truth more fully, and I am beginning to integrate this visit to the Underworld into my entire being, in support of positive change. By crying out to the Universe for help, and being honest that I don’t know what the next step is, the Universe has placed at least three new opportunities before me to provide the help I was asking for.

That’s another interesting shift for me. I don’t feel bad or regret having this meltdown, as I might have done in the past. It is not a sign of weakness. I know that this is part of a cycle towards my own spiritual evolution.

And so I am grateful for the opportunity to learn more about myself.  By getting such a clear message about what I don’t want, and taking the time to explore what led me to this place, I am so much more clear on what it is that I do want. I’m not all the way there yet. And I feel so much better about how I’ve begun.



And Now for a Word from our Sponsors

Mainly, me!


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Ahh! Much better!

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Any one of these would make a great Christmas present to yourself…. (gasp! I just used the C-word!)

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.



Rough Re-entry

I’ve been home from Maui for a week now, after leading two Peaceful Woman retreats back to back.  I don’t believe I will ever facilitate back to back retreats again.  Re-entry into my other life has been challenging for me.

The retreats were spiritually exhilarating and fulfilling, and at the same time, physically exhausting.  If I lived on my own, and had another week off work, I might have paid off  my sleep debt by now! 🙂

So I appreciate your patience as I gather myself back together, become accustomed to the new vibration I came home with, and integrate everything I learned about myself into my day-to-day being.

Mahalo (thanks) and Blessings,



I’m off again on another Peaceful Woman adventure!  This time I have the absolutely extreme pleasure of helping with two Passages back to back!  I am so excited!

But it also means I’m not going to be posting for a couple of weeks.  I did make an effort to write ahead, and have everything ready for my absence, so you wouldn’t even notice I was gone, but the writing muse just wasn’t with me.   (It couldn’t have been the excitement about going, or the preparations or anything like that…)

So, until I am back,

May you know Peace,
May you know Joy,
May you know Love,
May you know Infinite Blessings!


Only Dead Salmon Go With the Flow

The reflection for Thursday on the Peaceful Woman Maui Passage is “You are in the Flow”.  We talk about being able to flow with whatever comes our way, and not being attached to any particular outcome.  That last bit challenges me, as I tend to get uptight and cranky when events don’t unfold the way I think they should.

After the Passage in May, I mentioned that I was going with the flow in regards to a certain situation in my life.  “Only dead salmon go with the flow, ” a friend of mine said to me.  I’ve been thinking about it off and on for a while now, and I have to disagree.

I’ll get back to that in a minute.

I’ve been seeing posts on various social media and hearing about the teachings of Abraham, as recorded by Esther and Jerry Hicks.  A few weeks ago I decided it was time to look into them.

Because there is a book ban on at my house (I’m not allowed to buy any more books), I turned to my favorite alternative to bookstores: the library.  I went on line and requested several titles.  The first one to come in was The Astonishing Power of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide. I’m only about half way through it, but it is a very quick and easy read.

I instantly resonated with the idea that our physical form is just a tiny extension of our soul, or Non-Physical Being, as Abraham puts it.  In the book, Abraham describes our lives and efforts of manifestion like the current of a river.  Many of us think that we have to work hard to manifest what we want in our lives.  This is akin to paddling upstream.  We work harder, faster, longer, and we don’t get anywhere.

According to Abraham, when we desire something, the larger part of our being, the Non-Physical Being,  brings that desire into manifestation, downstream.  The harder we work to make something happen, the farther away from it we actually get.  “Nothing you want is upstream. ” What we really need to do, is go with the flow, let go of the oars, and allow the manifestation to happen.  The key is to bring the vibration of your physical Being into alignment with your Non-Physical Being.

So how do you do this? By paying attention to your emotions.  When you are in a place of fear, anger or anxiety, you are definitely paddling upstream.  When you are in a place of love, joy, and happiness, your are definitely travelling downstream.

When you notice you are paddling upstream, how do you turn your boat around?  Reframe the situation until you feel a sense of relief.  That feeling shows that you are letting go of resistance, and beginning the flow downstream.

Getting back to the salmon, they work really hard to swim upstream.  They do this to get back to the place they were hatched.  When they finally get there, they spawn, and then they die.  How many times do we as humans struggle to get back to some ideal from our past, even though we know it can never be the same?  And what reward do we get for our struggles to recapture that lost time?  Usually pain and disappointment.  Like the salmon, our efforts may kill us, or a part of us.  Yes, the salmon start the cycle of life for the next generation. But then they die! For us as people, our future lies downstream, and its a lot easier way to live!

I’m definitely going to practice letting go of the oars, and flowing downstream.

What are your thoughts? Do you see yourself as paddling upstream?  Or do you find life easier going with the flow, downstream?



I AM a Powerful Manifestor!

I just got back from my water aerobics class.  This isn’t really big news, I know.  But it is for me, because the pool was supposed to close for renovations last Friday.

Almost three weeks ago, I sat down with a couple of friends to set some goals for ourselves for the rest of the month.  I introduced them to Raymond Aaron’s Monthly Mentor goal setting program.  I don’t make any money from endorsing this program; I just believe it is an excellent system for making progress toward your goals.

I haven’t used it myself in quite some time.  So it was good for me to introduce it to my friends, and have others to support and be supported by in moving forward. One of the goals I set for myself was to start going to water aerobics again.  I set myself a goal of  attending a minimum of two classes, a target of three classes, and my outrageous goal for myself was attending five classes.  I thought I had three weeks to acheive this.

Then I found out that the pool was closing June 25th for maintenance and renovations.  So I had only two weeks to acheive my goal! I made the comment several times that I was disappointed that just as I was getting back into going to the classes, the pool was closing and I would not be able to keep up the momentum I was creating for myself.  I pushed myself in my schedule, and I managed to get to five classes in two weeks!

At class last Friday morning, it was announced that the pool would be open for four more weeks.  The architect needed more time.  The fitness schedule would be quite limited, but the deep water class I attend is on at the time I prefer to attend, and on the three days of the week I attend.

However indirectly, I told the Universe that I wanted to continue with water aerobics, and the Universe provided the opportunity for me!

This isn’t the only experience I have had of manifesting I have had recently, but it is one of the most obvious.  What I observe about myself in this situation, is that I did not directly ask the Universe to keep the pool open.  I took action, going to the deep water class at every opportunity in my schedule.  I enjoyed the feeling of working out, and I expressed disappointment at the thought of not continuing.

I find I am often challenged in the manifestation process by not taking action, or by getting stuck in the feeling of what I don’t want.  Or I manifest unconsciously.  I don’t always consciously choose what I want to create in my life.  Between The Peaceful Woman’s Inspired Living Coaching series, and getting back into utilizing the MAINLY goal setting system, I am working on becoming more conscious of being a co-creator of my life.  I am creating my reality in alignment with my intentions and desires.  I AM a powerful manifestor, and I am so grateful!

What tools do you use to set goals and stay focused on your visions?



An Invitation…

I recently returned home from The Peaceful Woman Maui Facilitator Passage.  This is the third time I have gone, and it continues to amaze me.  Or rather, I continue to amaze myself.

How do you describe your own inner journey to someone else? How do you put deeply personal and meaningful “aha” moments into words?  The Peaceful Woman Maui Passage is a week long journey into your own truth.  And each time I return, I learn more and more about myself.  I learn how to cut through the noise in my own head, to drop into that still place inside myself where my soul resides.  I learn how to be the observer in my own life–how am I occurring in this situation?  And what does that say about how I occur in the rest of my life?

I arrive open to the teachings this time and this place have prepared for me, vulnerable in the knowledge that I have manifested the experiences that will take me to the next level.  I am here to support the other women on their journey, and I allow myself to be supported, by conscious women who become soul sisters, as well as by Mother Maui, a magical island that has much to share.  I tune in, listening to the requests of the women with me on this Passage, my body,  and Mother Nature all around me, knowing they are all reflections of my innermost Divine self.  I share my experiences and insights, and soak up the breakthrough moments like the rays of brilliant sunshine.

I dance the ancient dance, blessing the land, and walk the labyrinth to my center and back.  I am cleansed in the river of feminine energy, and purified in the ocean where the ancients landed their canoes.  I am teleported to the sacred place where the sky meets the land, from which messages are sent and received.  I walk the fields of heat and passion, sweat out the stones that block my Light, and claim my blessings.  I sway with strong bamboo, bathe in healing waterfalls, and am pampered into a state of relaxed bliss.  I unite with my sisters to carry us swiftly across the waves to sing to the turtles, and swim amidst rainbow colored fish.  I celebrate the journey with dancing, singing and feasting!

And throughout I am treated to the wisdom of the Hawai’ian culture.

Experience is a better teacher than any book, and nature is the best classroom there is.

This is my truth, and I choose to live from this place of peace and power.  I invite you to join me, to know your truth, and live your truth. I am leading Peaceful Woman Maui Passages August 15th-21st, and September 12th-18th, and there are other dates with other incredible facilitators available. For a limited time, you can get 10% off the full price of your Passage.  Please enter coupon code “MM”.  There are also limited spaces for facilitators still available.  Contact me here if that is something you are interested in.

Here’s my experience from my first Passage: