Food Issues

Once upon a time, I said to myself (and the Gods apparently) that I was not going to have food issues. I was going to eat whatever I wanted.

And the Gods laughed at me.

no wheat no dairy no eggs no sugarI discovered I had a sensitivity to dairy after my second child was born. It had been suggested to me several years before, on more than one occasion, but I was NOT willing to give up milk. Or cheese. Or yogurt. Or ice cream. Especially not ice cream.

However, after developing eczema, and having stomach cramps after every meal, I finally decided it might be worth a giving up dairy. Lo and behold, the stomach cramps stopped, and the eczema cleared up! I was cured! (As long as I stay away from dairy…)

Until the eczema started coming back. Not as bad, but still. I didn’t want MORE food issues. So I just dealt with it.

Fast forward several years. I’ve had a number of health issues come up, one of them being fatigue, which I’m sure I’ve shared about before.

The latest effort to alleviate fatigue is searching for food sensitivities that might be blocking the absorption of nutrients and supplements that would otherwise help me feel great. I went for the blood test. It may be more expensive, but it’s faster and easier than a total elimination diet. It tests various food groups, and searches for the inflammation markers in the blood. There’s also a psychological difference with having on paper the foods that bother me, as opposed to guess work on my own. When it comes from outside, I generally have an easier time following the “rules”.

Dairy came back with a very high inflammation response, which was no surprise at all. Wheat and similar grains, including amaranth and quinoa, also came back with a fairly high marker, which I suspected after my Whole30 testing. The surprises were almonds (almond milk has been my go-to replacement for dairy!), blueberries, cranberries, eggs, string beans and tomatoes. Other nightshades were okay, as were potatoes and rice, and most vegetables and fruits (thank goodness!).

Starting now, I’m eliminating the foods that show the inflammation markers. I’m looking forward to more energy and less pain, and if that means dealing with these food issues, that’s what I’m willing to do.

Have you had food issues? Did you resist, or deal with them graciously?