To Monetize or Not To Monetize

This is a question I’ve been asking myself for quite some time now. Common marketing wisdom says that once you have built up a regular following and readership it is time to monetize.

Make Money from Your BlogWhat does monetize mean? Monetizing my blog means making money from my blog. For most people, that means advertising, and the biggest advertising player on the block is Google.

I have a bit of a prejudice against Google Adwords, actually. I think most ad placement disrupts the flow of the blog or article. And I never click on them myself. So I have my doubts about how much money I could actually make if I added it to my website.

On the other hand, a lot of internet money gurus swear by it. “Build your content and then start monetizing with Adwords.” Obviously, it must be working for someone, otherwise they wouldn’t keep doing it.

Having said that, I just went and checked some of my favorite blogs, and guess what? No Adwords. Each of them has their own products that they advertise and sell through their site, which incidentally is another form of monetization. I feel like I am in good company as far as that is concerned.

So maybe, instead of considering Google advertising, I need to create some advertisements for my own products. Hmm. There’s an interesting thought. Advertise myself on my blog. It’s one step up from just hoping you’ll like my writing so much that you’ll click around on my site and see that I have guided meditations for sale.

I definitely don’t want to be pushy or obnoxious with the ads. I’d prefer you decide that you like my writing style and receive enough value from what you’ve seen and read to make a bigger commitment by purchasing a guided meditation, or requesting a coaching consultation.

I’m not sure how quickly I will get to creating ads. I like to play with graphic design, and I have a very full few weeks ahead of me. Ir will definitely be percolating in the back of my mind, though!

Thanks for reading my stream-of-consciousness post. If you have any thoughts or insights into advertising on my website, please leave me a comment below, even if it is to say “don’t do it.”