Love and Marriage

Spring is in the air (except in Fargo, where I heard it snowed this weekend), and everywhere the plants and animals are feeling the reproductive vibes. I think of that scene from Bambi where all the critters get twitterpated.

Even the royals have caught the fever, as we saw with William and Catherine’s wedding on Friday.  I didn’t actually watch the nuptials (sleep was much more important to me), I just saw some of the photos online.

Were we really so young? 🙂

Also last week, my husband and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. I’m really proud of that.  15 years, and still happily married.  A significant chunk of the married population falls to the 7 year itch, and many never make it past 3-5 years!

I heard an audio recording with Marc Victor Hansen a few years ago, and he said he and his wife throw a huge celebration and renew their commitment to each other every year. My sweetie heard it too, and we really like the idea.

Tired, Sore, and Still Happy!

A couple of summers ago, not anywhere near our anniversary, we did an impromptu renewal with a couple of friends.

All dressed up...again!

This year, being #15 (did I mention we’ve been married 15 years?), we did a whole vow renewal ceremony with friends at a festival we’ve been going to for a number of years.  It happened to fall the weekend before our anniversary this year, so the timing was perfect.

To what do I credit our still enjoying each other’s company? A willingness to grow, separately and together. From time to time, one of us grows faster than the other. And then sometimes we work to grow at the same time, helping each other to catch up.

To my sweetheart…I love you! And I look forward to many more years of growing with you!



PS. This is the creative project I took time off to complete!