Manifestation Miracle!

What a difference a couple of weeks can make.

Two weeks ago, I was a wreck. My husband had just left on a business trip, and I was adjusting to being a (temporary) single mom. The brakes on my car had just died, and I was scrambling to juggle the expenses to repair it. Work and school and life in general was overwhelming.

Thank goodness for my friends. And my naturopath.

I can’t necessarily pinpoint one thing that made the difference. It was probably the combination of many of the little changes. I started taking some melatonin at night to help me sleep better, and vitamin B6 along with another stress formula supplement during the day. I received the support of my friends. And I took action to replace my vehicle.

Manifesting a minivanLast week I wrote about my vehicle and what I wanted to manifest. Less than a week later, I have a silver minivan sitting in my driveway.

I am in total wonder and gratitude.

It’s been a week of emotional ups and downs, and lots of research. And the Universe has helped me to receive the newest vehicle I have ever owned, at a price that is within my budget to pay for.

It crossed my mind that I could have looked into financing for a vehicle when our other van died two months ago. If I had done it then, this vehicle would not have been available. I would have settled for a vehicle that did not fit the needs of my family nearly as well.

Sure, I wouldn’t have sunk a bunch of money into buying and repairing a car that was destined for the wrecker. And even with that I am at peace. That car filled a gap for us. And if it had not had so many problems, I probably would have put up with the stress and expenses of driving a vehicle that was not suitable for my family for quite a while.

Now I have a van that is only 3 years old. Previously it was used to help people with health challenges get to much needed medical appointments (there were angels on the sides of it!), so it has high mileage and good karma (car-ma?).

I am so grateful to the Universe for lining this up for me – from the stress and the challenges all the way through to the positive manifestation. I’m also grateful that I was listening and following through on the gentle nudges and intuition I was receiving. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

It’s a Delicate Balance

This applies to so much of my life right now – finances, work, school, home, emotions.

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny fall day. I did something I haven’t done for a very long time (too long, to be honest) – I went for a walk in the woods. I definitely haven’t found the right balance of exercise and nature recently!

It’s been raining here, so the path was really muddy. The creeks and the puddles were full. Leaves blanketed the ground, and the sun dappled through the mostly bare trees.

I thought a lot about my husband – when he’s here, he walks that path pretty much every day. I miss him. He supports me in so many ways. I know that he is still supporting me as much as he can. It’s much more challenging from across the continent, though. That’s a definite balancing act – supporting each other physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Another delicate balance I’ve been thinking about lately is the balance between active manifesting and surrendering.

Manifestation - VisualizationManifestation involves several steps. I’ll use my car as an example.

First, I have to be clear about what I want. I want a reliable vehicle, preferably a minivan, to be able to get my children to school, me to work, and our family on our occasional trips. By reliable, I mean one that is in good running order. I want it to fit within my budget, or have my budget expand to accommodate the acquisition of the vehicle.

I need to take steps toward making it happen. Wishful thinking and visualization alone won’t necessarily bring about the change I seek. I need to be on the lookout for vehicles that will work. I can research which vehicles fit my needs.

The conundrum comes with that action. I start trying to work out HOW I’m going to manifest my ideal vehicle. I can wish to win money. I can apply for loans. What if that’s not really in my highest good? I don’t have the biggest picture because I am in the middle of my own life. If I push too hard on a specific solution, I may miss an easier or better opportunity that the Universe would present to me…if I weren’t so caught up in solving the problem on my own.

I’m working on that delicate balance of taking action, and letting the Universe take care of the how. Besides, it’s considerably less stressful when I’m not worrying about how it is going to happen. And that helps the delicate balance of my emotions!

Though if you hear of anything, please let me know!



Golden Firefly Bubbles

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been reading on several different topics, including manifestation and abundance.  One of my daily practices has been the 40 Day Prosperity Plan, from The Abundance Book.  Each day there is a statement to read and meditate on.  After my meditation yesterday, I was feeling tired, so I decided to rest for a bit.

And then the magic happened.  With my eyes closed, I saw little golden specks coming towards me.  They were like little fireflies, or the sparks rising from a fire.  At the same time as I could see them, I could feel them rising inside me, like effervescent bubbles from a bath bomb, or when you open a bottle of carbonated drink that has been shaken just a little bit.

It started out as just a small amountof “firefly bubbles”, then there were hundreds and thousands flowing to me and through me.  I felt I was undergoing a transformation.  It was exciting and tickly and refreshing and it lasted only a second or two, though it felt like quite a while.  After the rush had past, I was left with a feeling of peace and joy, bliss even. I also knew in my bones that wherever it was that I was holding myself back, whatever blockage I had put in place for myself had been cleared away, and that I was know fully in the flow of abundance.

I drifted through the rest of the day, taking care of life’s details, but I reflected on my experience again before going to sleep. By thinking about it, I could brnig the feeling back. I was really struck by the thought that I could feel the firefly bubbles inside me, and I could see them coming from outside me.  I realized that this was the experience of manifestation.  I create my reality from within, through feeling (preferably good feelings!), and then I see that coming back to me from outside.  The results are visible,  though the feeling is the important initiator.

I’ve read about the process of manifestation, and I know I have manifested different experiences and things in my life, but for the first time I really feel like I “get” it now!  That momentary experience explained it to me clearer than any book or lecture.  And I am extremely grateful!

I’d love to hear about profound “aha” moments from your life!  Leave a comment and share with me.



Only Dead Salmon Go With the Flow

The reflection for Thursday on the Peaceful Woman Maui Passage is “You are in the Flow”.  We talk about being able to flow with whatever comes our way, and not being attached to any particular outcome.  That last bit challenges me, as I tend to get uptight and cranky when events don’t unfold the way I think they should.

After the Passage in May, I mentioned that I was going with the flow in regards to a certain situation in my life.  “Only dead salmon go with the flow, ” a friend of mine said to me.  I’ve been thinking about it off and on for a while now, and I have to disagree.

I’ll get back to that in a minute.

I’ve been seeing posts on various social media and hearing about the teachings of Abraham, as recorded by Esther and Jerry Hicks.  A few weeks ago I decided it was time to look into them.

Because there is a book ban on at my house (I’m not allowed to buy any more books), I turned to my favorite alternative to bookstores: the library.  I went on line and requested several titles.  The first one to come in was The Astonishing Power of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide. I’m only about half way through it, but it is a very quick and easy read.

I instantly resonated with the idea that our physical form is just a tiny extension of our soul, or Non-Physical Being, as Abraham puts it.  In the book, Abraham describes our lives and efforts of manifestion like the current of a river.  Many of us think that we have to work hard to manifest what we want in our lives.  This is akin to paddling upstream.  We work harder, faster, longer, and we don’t get anywhere.

According to Abraham, when we desire something, the larger part of our being, the Non-Physical Being,  brings that desire into manifestation, downstream.  The harder we work to make something happen, the farther away from it we actually get.  “Nothing you want is upstream. ” What we really need to do, is go with the flow, let go of the oars, and allow the manifestation to happen.  The key is to bring the vibration of your physical Being into alignment with your Non-Physical Being.

So how do you do this? By paying attention to your emotions.  When you are in a place of fear, anger or anxiety, you are definitely paddling upstream.  When you are in a place of love, joy, and happiness, your are definitely travelling downstream.

When you notice you are paddling upstream, how do you turn your boat around?  Reframe the situation until you feel a sense of relief.  That feeling shows that you are letting go of resistance, and beginning the flow downstream.

Getting back to the salmon, they work really hard to swim upstream.  They do this to get back to the place they were hatched.  When they finally get there, they spawn, and then they die.  How many times do we as humans struggle to get back to some ideal from our past, even though we know it can never be the same?  And what reward do we get for our struggles to recapture that lost time?  Usually pain and disappointment.  Like the salmon, our efforts may kill us, or a part of us.  Yes, the salmon start the cycle of life for the next generation. But then they die! For us as people, our future lies downstream, and its a lot easier way to live!

I’m definitely going to practice letting go of the oars, and flowing downstream.

What are your thoughts? Do you see yourself as paddling upstream?  Or do you find life easier going with the flow, downstream?



I AM a Powerful Manifestor!

I just got back from my water aerobics class.  This isn’t really big news, I know.  But it is for me, because the pool was supposed to close for renovations last Friday.

Almost three weeks ago, I sat down with a couple of friends to set some goals for ourselves for the rest of the month.  I introduced them to Raymond Aaron’s Monthly Mentor goal setting program.  I don’t make any money from endorsing this program; I just believe it is an excellent system for making progress toward your goals.

I haven’t used it myself in quite some time.  So it was good for me to introduce it to my friends, and have others to support and be supported by in moving forward. One of the goals I set for myself was to start going to water aerobics again.  I set myself a goal of  attending a minimum of two classes, a target of three classes, and my outrageous goal for myself was attending five classes.  I thought I had three weeks to acheive this.

Then I found out that the pool was closing June 25th for maintenance and renovations.  So I had only two weeks to acheive my goal! I made the comment several times that I was disappointed that just as I was getting back into going to the classes, the pool was closing and I would not be able to keep up the momentum I was creating for myself.  I pushed myself in my schedule, and I managed to get to five classes in two weeks!

At class last Friday morning, it was announced that the pool would be open for four more weeks.  The architect needed more time.  The fitness schedule would be quite limited, but the deep water class I attend is on at the time I prefer to attend, and on the three days of the week I attend.

However indirectly, I told the Universe that I wanted to continue with water aerobics, and the Universe provided the opportunity for me!

This isn’t the only experience I have had of manifesting I have had recently, but it is one of the most obvious.  What I observe about myself in this situation, is that I did not directly ask the Universe to keep the pool open.  I took action, going to the deep water class at every opportunity in my schedule.  I enjoyed the feeling of working out, and I expressed disappointment at the thought of not continuing.

I find I am often challenged in the manifestation process by not taking action, or by getting stuck in the feeling of what I don’t want.  Or I manifest unconsciously.  I don’t always consciously choose what I want to create in my life.  Between The Peaceful Woman’s Inspired Living Coaching series, and getting back into utilizing the MAINLY goal setting system, I am working on becoming more conscious of being a co-creator of my life.  I am creating my reality in alignment with my intentions and desires.  I AM a powerful manifestor, and I am so grateful!

What tools do you use to set goals and stay focused on your visions?