What is Your Default Mode of Action?

Sitting here today thinking that I need to work on my course, and not knowing what to write, I found myself falling into my default mode of action – research. Do you know what your default mode of action is?

Test, test, test!I don’t know about you, but I remember being subjected to quite a number of tests when I was in high school: tests that measured my knowledge (I was a very good student), tests that measured my personality (in Meyers-Briggs terminology I am an INFP), tests that measured my critical thinking skills, and tests that predicted what kind of job I would be best suited for (nursing, counseling or teaching – funny that I am now a priestess). I’ve since taken many other types of personality tests. I was never tested for my instinctive method of operation back then. No, that came a few years ago, after my husband attended a course.

I don’t even remember what course it was, to be honest. I just remember him coming back and saying, “Honey, you need to take this test. It’s really interesting. And I’m curious what your profile is.” Or something to that effect.

So I went online and took the Kolbe A test. All those tests I took back in high school measured my cognitive and affective abilities. If you’re shaking your head saying, “Huh?” like I was, there are apparently three different parts of the brain. The cognitive area controls your thinking, including things like your IQ, skills, knowledge and education. The affective area controls your emotions, including desires, attitudes, motivation and values. Most personality or other profiling tests measure one (or both) of these areas of brain function.

The third part of your brain function controls conative abilities, or your way of doing things, including your drives, instincts, and talents. Almost no tests measure this, because these instincts by themselves are not measurable. However, the observable acts derived from them can be identified and quantified by the Kolbe A Index.

These instinct-driven behaviors are represented in the four Kolbe Action Modes:

Fact Finder – the instinctive way we gather and share information.

Follow Thru – the instinctive way we arrange and design.

Quick Start – the instinctive way we deal with risk and uncertainty.

Implementor – the instinctive way we handle space and tangibles.

~ Four Action Modes, Kolbe website

We all express each of these action modes at some time, though typically one or two are stronger than others. For me, my strongest is the Fact Finder. When I am stuck, I tend to research and learn all I can in order to make an informed decision. My husband’s strongest mode is Quick Start. He jumps in and takes action right away.

 If you are curious, go take the test for yourself! I don’t earn any commission from it, and it’s another interesting way to learn more about yourself.