On Being a Geek, Sort of

I’m a bit of a geek. Just a bit. I’ve been a geek since I was a kid, back when it was much less than cool. Now it is cool to be a geek. There’s an entire sub-culture of geekdom that is almost mainstream. Or maybe I just hang with all the geeks so it seems mainstream…

What Kind of Geek Are You?I say I’m only a bit of a geek because there are a lot of geek things that I don’t do, or don’t do anymore. I’ve never played World of Warcraft (because I’m fairly certain it would take over my life, at least for a while, and I’m just not willing to go there). I don’t collect comic books. In fact, there’s only one series I have read faithfully, and it is all online. I’ve never LARPed. I don’t role-play anymore (because my husband stopped GM’ing).

Because we don’t have a television, I’m several years behind on current geek culture. I didn’t discover Firefly until years after it had been taken off the air. I’ve only seen season one of Game of Thrones, and that is only thanks to the library. I’ve only seen a few Doctor Who episodes, again thanks to the library. Though I should probably mention I have the next ones on hold and I am just waiting for them to come in.

I did, however, meet my husband at a Con (a science fiction and fantasy convention, for those who may not be totally up on Geek Speak). I’ve read a lot of well known sci-fi and fantasy writers, or at least one of their books. I’ve seen all the Star Wars and Star Trek and Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies. I even read the books for the last two well before seeing the films.

I’ve never cosplayed, but one of my favorite parts of going to conventions, or the Renaissance Faire, or festivals is getting to dress up.

I’m proud of being a geek. And according to the most current Geek Test, I’m a Major Geek (though just barely, only by about 1%). I’d probably consider myself a general gee, dabbling in a lot of types of geekdom. I’m not a geek because it is the cool thing to do. I’m a geek because I really enjoy learning about history and space and the mind and imagining amazing futures and solving problems and fixing things.

Are you a geek? Is it something you’ve discovered recently or something you’ve always been? What do you like most about being a geek? Leave your comments below and let’s get some geek discussion going!



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