Manifestation Miracle!

What a difference a couple of weeks can make.

Two weeks ago, I was a wreck. My husband had just left on a business trip, and I was adjusting to being a (temporary) single mom. The brakes on my car had just died, and I was scrambling to juggle the expenses to repair it. Work and school and life in general was overwhelming.

Thank goodness for my friends. And my naturopath.

I can’t necessarily pinpoint one thing that made the difference. It was probably the combination of many of the little changes. I started taking some melatonin at night to help me sleep better, and vitamin B6 along with another stress formula supplement during the day. I received the support of my friends. And I took action to replace my vehicle.

Manifesting a minivanLast week I wrote about my vehicle and what I wanted to manifest. Less than a week later, I have a silver minivan sitting in my driveway.

I am in total wonder and gratitude.

It’s been a week of emotional ups and downs, and lots of research. And the Universe has helped me to receive the newest vehicle I have ever owned, at a price that is within my budget to pay for.

It crossed my mind that I could have looked into financing for a vehicle when our other van died two months ago. If I had done it then, this vehicle would not have been available. I would have settled for a vehicle that did not fit the needs of my family nearly as well.

Sure, I wouldn’t have sunk a bunch of money into buying and repairing a car that was destined for the wrecker. And even with that I am at peace. That car filled a gap for us. And if it had not had so many problems, I probably would have put up with the stress and expenses of driving a vehicle that was not suitable for my family for quite a while.

Now I have a van that is only 3 years old. Previously it was used to help people with health challenges get to much needed medical appointments (there were angels on the sides of it!), so it has high mileage and good karma (car-ma?).

I am so grateful to the Universe for lining this up for me – from the stress and the challenges all the way through to the positive manifestation. I’m also grateful that I was listening and following through on the gentle nudges and intuition I was receiving. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!