How Lucky Are You?

The other night on Facebook, my husband posted a link to this article: “Derren Brown: The Experiments – When “We” goes too far“. In this article, there was a YouTube video of the UK TV show, The Experiments. I have to say, I watched this video in fascinated horror at what the faceless “mob” will do to another person.

It got me curious about this show, though. Are all of Derren Brown’s experiments nasty? Certainly, the Guilt Trip episode was. And then I watched this one:

It is a fascinating experiment on how we create our own luck. Essentially, he plants the idea in a small town that a certain dog statue is lucky.  After several months, the townspeople certainly feel they have better luck than they did before. By planting the idea of luck, the people began to draw more luck to themselves.

So what kind of luck do you believe you have? In the show, Derren suggests that your luck is partly how you believe it to be, and partly based on seeing and taking opportunities. Another way to phrase the question, then, is do you see the opportunities that are around you?

Here are some ways to begin to see more opportunities:

  • Listen to people. A lot of times, we only half-listen to what the people around us are saying. When we don’t give our full attention to what others have to say, we can miss opportunities.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. One man in the video didn’t even see a 50 pound note laying on the ground because he was not aware of his surroundings.
  • Solve problems. A Lot of opportunities masquerade as problems. They may seem awful at the time, and then once you are through the other side, you see what a wonderful opportunity that problem really was.
  • Change your perspective. Is the glass half empty, or is it half full? It’s like those optical illusions – when you shift your view, the whole picture changes. (Life coaching is great for helping to change your perspective.)

I encourage you to make your own luck, even if that means getting out your lucky penny or lucky rabbit’s foot from when you were a child. You never know, you might get lucky!



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