Is This What “Relaxed” Feels Like?

I really don’t want to jinx myself. I think I may be starting to relax. De-stress. I’m not feeling as frantic as I have for the past… longer than I care to admit.

frog-on-back-relaxThis past week has been wonderfully therapeutic. I gave myself a ginger foot bath; the rash and scaliness on my feet that has been present since sometime in June is gone. I had an epsom salt bath. I’ve done yoga in the back yard several times.

I have slept in until the luxurious hour of 8 am, or even 9 am! I’ve gone to bed when I’m tired, and a couple of times stayed up late just because I could.

I spent a day and a half (or two days?) reading ElfQuest online. I have to refresh my memory so I understand what’s going on in the Final Quest!

I completed a sweater coat, so I finally have one to sell. Maybe one day I’ll be as fast as Katwise at making them. Or maybe not.

And I’ve still had things on my schedule. I’m working on coordinating (with the help of several others) Vancouver Island Pagan Pride Day. I’ve been reading tarot at the Pier Street Market, and I’ll be trying out a new Market in Black Creek tonight. I’m teaching classes online. And I work one shift a week.

I am, however, not scheduled to the max. I have time to sit, to read, to decide how *I* choose to use my time, in this moment, rather than having chosen that a week or more ahead. I can decide, today, as I wake up, what I want to do today. Which goal do I choose to move toward?

Today, I think I will do a little work for Pagan Pride, perhaps take some sweaters apart, read some more ElfQuest, do a little writing, and prepare for a great Market this evening. That sounds about right.

It’s taken a month for the frantic-feeling to wear off, for the tension to begin to release. And it is SO refreshing!

It suddenly occurred to me – this is what TIME-FREEDOM feels like. This, this is what I’ve been working towards. This is what I have been craving. And I really appreciate it! (I feel a little like William Wallace right now – FREEDOM!)

How long does it take you to relax? And what do you find relaxing?





De-Stress in a Pinch

This past week was pretty stressful for me.  I didn’t really realize it so much in the midst of it, but by the end of the week, I was done.  Fried.  Stressed out!

I had a first aid class that was in the evenings for four days, right after work.  This meant wolfing down my dinner in the car on the way to class.  I was getting up and exercising in the mornings, and then going directly to work.  I also had to read the first aid book before my last class.  We also put our house up for sale last week, and I got my moon time.  By Friday, I was way behind on my sleep, and I was becoming very sensitive to every little percieved slight.  And most of them were all in my head.

Because I was out late at my class, and then reading the text book when I got home, my meditation practice got shoved to the side.  This definitely did not help my mental state! So on Saturday, when I had an event to run after work, I was not at my best.  I was irritated that I had to make dinner, AND pack the vehicle for the event, BY MYSELF, AND clean up the kitchen, AND… well, you get the idea.  My mind was running away on the “poor me, I have to do everything myself, and no one helps or appreciates me” track to misery.  All of this is completely untrue, yet this was the tape that was playing in my mind.

Thankfully, my husband drove to the event.  I could tell I was not in the right frame of mind to lead this event, which was about spiritual growth.  So I closed my eyes, and breathed slowly and deeply.  I dropped out of my mind, and into my center.  I observed my mind playing the tape, and I let the emotions flow.  Yes, I cried. I meditated the whole way to the event.

I’d like to say that by the end of the 15 minute drive I was all better.  There was still a little residue and sensitivity there.  But I was now the one in control (not my mind and some outdated program), and the frustration was flowing out of me.  By the time I had everything set up, and everyone had a chance to chat for a while, I was fully in my center, in the moment, and ready to facilitate the event.

Meditation is a wonderful tool for de-stressing.  You can do it anywhere, and within a relatively short amount of time.  Of course, getting enough sleep, exercise, or a relaxing bubble bath help, too!

What’s your favorite method of de-stressing?