Happy Family Day!

Yesterday (as this posts) was Family Day here in BC. A blessed, long awaited, statutory holiday – a day off.

Family Day BCWhen it lies in the future, a day off seems so full of promise. There are so many things one might be able to accomplish on a day off – rest and relaxation, chores, projects…

And then when the day arrives, it seems to rush by in the blink of an eye. Before you know it, darkness falls and the day has passed, and barely any of those wished for, hoped for, things have been done.

My day consisted of sleeping in (a rare treat in the weeks leading up to Spring Mysteries); a trip to the chiropractor followed by yoga, brunch, and a walk in the sunshine with my family. I did some laundry, and sat with my youngest watching a series on Netflix that we have watched on and off.

We enjoyed a lovely dinner that almost all of us contributed to making, before I taught a class.

I have a whole weekend off coming up, which I intend to fill with all the sewing I need to do before the Festival. Had I not had the promise of that weekend, I would have felt the need to pack every moment of this day with productivity, instead of the even more important rest and relaxation.

I NEEDED the extra rest. I NEEDED the opportunity to connect with my boys. I needed the exercise, and the chance to linger at yoga without rushing off to work. I needed the gentle walk in the sunshine and the fresh air. I needed to forget all of my responsibilities for even a moment. And yes, I needed clean clothes!

I am so grateful for the down time today. And I will be better able to make use of my weekend having taken the time to rest.



Knee Deep in a Project

This update is going to be brief – I’m up to my eyeballs in a sewing project.

Thankfully, this hasn't actually happened in a while. Fingers crossed!

Thankfully, this hasn’t actually happened in a while. Fingers crossed!

And a research project.

And teaching.

This weekend was the first weekend I haven’t gone to the Market, other than when I was away, since May. I slept in, and did laundry, and watched Galavant on Netflix (which is hilarious, by the way!), and sewed.

I almost didn’t write today. I wanted to keep sewing. I’m at the point where I’d be making mistakes if I stayed at the sewing machine any longer, though, so it is time to step away and get some rest.

By this time next week, I hope to have the sewing project done, and feel more inspired to write. 🙂