Winter Solstice

Last night we had our annual Solstice Celebration, “Banish the Dark.”  It was a much smaller group than we have sometimes had, and yet we had an excellent meal cooked by my wonderful husband, and some good discussion.

After dinner, we turned off all the lights, and the fire in the fireplace had burned down to small coals.  One of the first fears that we experience as young children is fear of the dark, as my youngest immediately began complaining about.  David asked the question, “What is dark?”

My first response was, “Absence of light.”  My eldest son answered, “The opposite of light.”  Our guest suggested that a lot of sacred ceremony takes place in total darkness.

And then my lightbulb flashed.  The dark obscures outer vision so we may better see with inner vision.  We each took some time quietly meditating on that inner vision…well, the adults, anyway!

Then my husband lit a single candle from the almost extinguished coals of the fire.  How bright that light seemed after being in the darkness for a while! Slowly, we lit more and more candles, and the room became bright once more.  The higher we lifted our lights, the brighter the room became.

Winter Solstice Candles

I also took time to recall another Winter Solstice four years ago.  I had done many things to encourage my youngest to be born, but was waiting until the time he chose.  I went out for a walk on my own in the dying hours of the day.  I walked the path through the woods behind my home, across the two streams, down to the ocean, across the rocky beach to come to the entrance to my neighborhood, and back up to home.  I was out for at least an hour, in the rain and fading light.  The whole time I was out, I spoke to the baby inside me, encouraging him to come snuggle in my arms.  Just before two the next morning, my third son was born, echoing the rebirth of the Sun.

In my darkest hour, I went within, and new light sparked forth.

May you have the courage to face the darkness, your shadow, and through the challenge lift your light high for others to see.  All good things are coming to me, and to you.