What do you do when life is challenging you?

I didn’t get any housework done yesterday. Nor did I get any homework, or grading, or costuming done. In fact, my personal to do list remains pretty much untouched. I accomplished a lot, though.

LiveThere are a number of people in my spiritual community right now who are not well, or just lonely. What started out as a visit to a friend in the hospital ended up being a tour of ministering to the ill.

It could have been depressing, seeing all those people who are suffering in one way or another. But it was actually uplifting. Seeing the joy I was able to bring just by being present, and truly listening to what was going on for them in that moment, and having no other purpose than to be there for that person was very fulfilling.

It’s days like this that I love my calling. There may not have been any financial compensation, but the reward was well worth it.

I’ve had a lot of discussions with people lately who are having a difficult time, either with their physical or mental health. I’ve even had my own challenges!

My theory is that as we move through this evolutionary change, and work to raise our vibration (or bring through more light, however you want to look at it) we’re going to face increasingly more demanding experiences. Just like when you were in school – the tests you were given in grade 9 were more difficult than the ones you were given in grade 5.

This in itself could be a depressing thought – life isn’t necessarily going to get any easier.

I encourage you to change your perspective. It just gets different. Each test you pass means you get to learn ever more interesting and complex things! You get to grow and have more fascinating experiences. You get to move up to the next level of the video game.

If you think about life like a video game, you know that each level is a little tougher than the one before. You build up slowly, increasing your skill as you go, until you master it and overcome everything it throws at you.

Whatever challenges you are facing right now, know that you are not alone. The Universe will never give you an experience that you are not able to handle. You may just need a little shift in perspective.

If you are struggling, I encourage you to reach out to your support team, the people who love you.

If you feel you have no one to talk to, or would like a little extra help with changing your perspective, I am now offering one-hour single-session consulting to help you shift your mindset and find the positive in your challenges.

One Hour Change Your Perspective Coaching Session

Of course, you can still sign up for a free 1/2 hour sample life coaching session. The choice is yours. You are not alone, and you don’t have to suffer. It lifts me up to help lift you up.

Love and blessings,


Stepping Up for My Child

School always came easily to me. I was the one my classmates turned to if they didn’t understand what the teacher had explained. I was an ‘A’ student. I took university courses my senior year of high school and graduated university in three years.

Mama bear with cubsSo having one of my children really struggle with schoolwork is not easy for me. Not so much because I think it should be easy for him, as I because I just can’t relate to him that way. I don’t have that kind of experience to personally draw from.

There is a history of dyslexia in my family. My dad is quite dyslexic, and my sister less so. However, to get any sort of testing done that will get him the extra help he needs is not easy. There are lots of children and few resources, especially since he is not behaviorally challenged (or challenging). He’s a well-behaved, well-spoken child who has problems expressing himself through writing, and some challenges with reading.

For me, this means I have to become an advocate for my child, also not a role I am used to. I have to be vigilant and persistent, and I have to be involved. As a woman who values my independence and the independence of my children, this is a big challenge for me.

I’m used to doing my own thing, and allowing my children to do theirs. I’ve been a bit of a hands off kind of mom. I don’t ignore my children. I also don’t hover over their every move. So now that I have to sit with and supervise this one to do his homework, I’m coming up against some resistance in myself.

I have my own projects I want to work on, and I can’t do that when I am helping him spell words, or making sure he is reading them correctly.

Yet I want him to be able to succeed in life. And in our society, that means being able to read and write. If he can crack the code now, the rest of his life will be so much easier. If I don’t put the time in with him now, he will likely only fall farther and farther behind.

So I am faced with a recurring challenge in my life – taking responsibility for my choices versus doing what I want to do. How can I mesh my desires with my responsibility?

I chose to have children. I chose that responsibility. And there are things I want to do that don’t necessarily involve my children.

The time they are young and dependent on me is really such a short time. And the other things I want to do will still be there. I do myself a favor by nurturing and guiding them now so that they can be truly independent as they grow. Time to bring on my mama bear!