A Lesson in Choosing Both

Expressive Yoga for the SoulI used to do yoga regularly. I have a DVD that my husband gave me that I love – Expressive Yoga for the Soul. Then something happened, I don’t even remember what, and I stopped. I’ve missed it. I even thought that it was something I would do this summer while I was off work.

Yeah, didn’t happen.

I’ve thought on and off that I would like to get back in the habit of doing yoga. Maybe not every day. But several times a week. Then I look at my schedule, and wonder where I would fit it in!

I have been telling myself that the only time I could really do yoga is first thing in the morning, when I meditate. I’d have to give up my meditation to do yoga, and the meditation has been more important to me.

I’m working with the goddess Athena right now. She’s a warrior, and warriors take care of their body AND mind. I’m also setting goals, and I want to continue getting healthier, and strengthen my back so I can heal from old injuries.

Anyway, the inspiration came to me this week that if I just shift my alarm 10 minutes, stop laying in bed after meditating (i.e. basically hit the snooze), and shift what I do in the first few minutes when I wake up just a tiny bit, I would be able to meditate AND do yoga.

So I tried it on Wednesday. And it worked! I did it on Thursday, too, even though I was up later than I wanted to be on Wednesday night.

I haven’t decided yet whether I am going to do yoga on the days I do my other workout yet or not. I’m thinking yes, at least for now. I’m building a new habit, and that takes consistency. It’s still a baby habit right now, though. It’s very fragile. If I give myself an excuse not to do it, even a valid excuse, I open the door to other excuses.

I could use your encouragement. Your comments of support, or even asking me how I’m doing. And tell me what habits you are nurturing. I’d love to support you in growing healthy habits. 🙂