Being and Doing

A good friend and mentor of mine reminded me lately that I am a human BE-ing, not a human DO-ing. She’s told me this in the past, too, as a reminder to slow down, and not be so busy all the time.

being and doingIt’s been going through my mind more recently than in the past, maybe because I’ve been super busy (and the schedule doesn’t seem to be getting any lighter in the near future).

It occurred to me that part of my do-ing is tied to my be-ing. I AM a priestess. I can’t stop being a priestess. I have responsibilities as a priestess, which include ritual, and ministering to people in my community.

Ministry is a HUGE job. Listening to challenges, visiting people, helping out wherever they can, providing emotional support, teaching the spiritual path, being an example of living that spiritual path… That’s why pastors and ministers in the larger faiths don’t usually hold other jobs.

My congregation may not be as big as those of larger faiths. I still do a lot in that role as minister. Which means I be a lot.

One of my greatest joys is being in service to my community. I feel like I am making a difference. Yes, it’s a lot of work and yes, there are times that I just want to hide away. That doesn’t mean I want to stop.

So yes, it is healthy for me to slow down, take breaks, and make time for myself. I appreciate that reminder from my friend. And, I’ll keep doing much of what I do, because it is meaningful and in alignment with my being.