Girls Weekend!

I don’t often take a trip just for pleasure. I travel often for festivals, and rehearsals, and sometimes for work. Seldom for pleasure though.

Girls Weekend!This past weekend, the friend that I stayed with in Schenectady came to Victoria (Sophia). She was visiting another friend of hers in Seattle (Tara), and they planned a quick trip up to the Island. So I went down with another friend of mine (Dawne), and we met yet another friend (Bonnie) down there to spend the weekend together.

I got up early Saturday morning, and met Dawne at her home. We then drove the almost 4 hours to Victoria. We found a place to park near the hostel we were staying at, and then made our way to the inner harbor to meet up with everyone else for lunch and to plan what we wanted to do.

The one thing on my agenda for the weekend was to go to the Royal BC Museum’s Egypt exhibit. Other than that, I was open, and I wasn’t fussy about when we went there. Since several of us are theatre folk, we wanted to see what was on. Big city like Victoria, there had to be SOMETHING playing, right? After unanimously passing on the dance recital, we found something called Atomic Vaudeville Cabaret. We had no real idea what it was, but it sounded interesting!

We were going to head out to Butchart Gardens, however, we ended up shopping most of the afternoon on Saturday (um, I didn’t know Fluevog’s came in size 12 – that is really dangerous!). There are a lot of cool stores in downtown Victoria! By dinnertime, though, I was hurting from all the walking. I even wore my runners with my orthotics and the socks that help stability and balance and reduce pain. We went to dinner, and then to the show.

The show was amazing! Funny and weird, and we laughed a lot! Then back to the hostel, and some tarot card readings before bed.

Sunday morning I was still hurting a bit. Sophia and Tara wanted to go on the tour of the Parliament buildings, so Dawne and I hung out for a while. Bonnie met us after brunch, and we went to the museum. If you have an opportunity, go check out the Egypt exhibit. Lots of wonderful information, and beautiful pieces.

Even though I didn’t get a ton of sleep, it was so wonderful to spend a relaxing (emotionally, anyway, if not physically) relaxing weekend being a tourist with some wonderful women. It was so rejuvenating (yes, the retail therapy probably helped a bit!). Thank you, ladies!