Discovering my Patron God

Several years ago, I went to a workshop about finding your patron God and Goddess. One of the things that was touched on in the workshop was that if any mythology has intrigued or interested you for a long time, then chances are that the deity involved in that myth is one of your patrons.

I have worked with many different Goddesses over the years, and a couple of them stand out as ones I would call my patrons, like Inanna, and more recently Hecate and Athena. These are Goddesses that hold more than a passing interest for me, whose mythology I can see elements of in my life. They are the ones that I have felt a personal calling to work with (well, in Inanna’s case, I felt claimed by her…)

When it comes to the male aspects of deity, though, I haven’t ever felt that connection. There’s no one God that stands out for me in mythology.

In the workshop I went to, the instructor led a guided meditation to meet our patron God and Goddess. We visited the Goddess first, and it was Inanna who spoke to me there. I had already established a relationship with her, so I wasn’t surprised at that. However, when the meditation moved on to meet our patron God, she told me to stay where I was. I protested that I wanted to meet the God I was supposed to be working with, and she told me that I am meant to work with the Goddess, and to look to my consort for the God energy.

I was a little disappointed at first. And then I accepted it, since it was the Goddess who spoke to me more strongly. Also, as a woman, I could relate better to the female aspects of the Divine.

Fast forward to about a year ago. I started feeling out of balance. I started feeling like it was time for me to start working more with the God energy. Still, none of the Gods called to me. When I would think about different Gods – mostly Greek, since that’s where the Goddess energy I am working with is right now – there was no resonance. At best I’d get a “meh” feeling, if not an outright “NO”.

In one of my meditations, I asked Hecate why I couldn’t find my patron God. She told me that the Goddess chooses her consort. Meaning that I had to make the choice.  This may be a bit sacrilegious, but I couldn’t help feeling that none of them were up to my standards.

ThothJust last week I was doing an assignment for one of my classes at the Seminary. It was another guided meditation. In it, I met Thoth, the Egyptian God of wisdom and knowledge. As soon as I saw him in my meditation, it was like instant recognition, resonance, aha. I thought, finally, here is a God that can match me (and the Goddesses I work with).

I asked what took him so long to reveal himself, and he said I wasn’t ready before. Fair enough. I’ve never really felt a strong connection with Egyptian mythology. So I’m going to have to do a lot more research and study to learn more about him. Thankfully, Thoth is the right one to ask for help with that!

What Gods or Goddesses do you feel a connection with? Which ones would you like to learn more about?



Under the Influence

I’m a goody two-shoes, a prude even. I’ve never smoked a cigarette, and I have never been full out drunk. On the very rare occasion that I do drink alcohol, I rarely get past “tipsy”. Pot smoke gives me a headache. The one substance addiction I do allow myself is sugar, and sometimes caffeine. I know. Pretty hardcore stuff, right?

The influence I am talking about here is the influence of the Gods. In my case, it is Goddesses. They act on my psyche in sometimes subtle, sometimes very obvious ways.

For example, when I was working with Hecate, I started feeling like maybe it was time to get another dog. It has been several years since we had a dog, and I kind of miss cuddling and playing with one. I grew up having a dog in the house. And then I remind myself that I really don’t have time to take care of a dog. My children already complain that I don’t spend enough time with them. Not to mention the extra costs for feeding and keeping a dog healthy. But one day I went as far as looking on the local SPCA website to see what kind of dogs were available for adoption. Hecate is very strongly associated with dogs. Dots connected.

Athena, Goddess of WisdomRight now I am working with Athena. And the more I work with Her, the more I see Her influence in my life. I’m taking online courses, and doing a lot of reading on mythology and Greek architecture and sculpture. My book choices are all non-fiction, even the audio books. I’m feeling a desire to champion a cause (because I have SO much spare time to do that). I spent most of the day yesterday picking the fringe off a piece of fabric strand by strand because I want to use it for a sewing project (Athena invented weaving).

And if I really think about it, the Goddess of Wisdom has been an influence in my life for many, many years. I was always a good student – learning comes easily for me and I enjoy learning new things. I also love sewing – I haven’t learned weaving, yet, but the idea intrigues me. There was a point where I wanted my own spinning wheel and loom (and then I had three boys). She’s the patron goddess of cities, and while the idea of self-sufficiency is wonderful, I am definitely no farm girl!

Sure, some of these could be pretty obscure references, and could be applied to a lot of different Goddesses. And still, somehow, working with Athena feels like coming home. (Does that make me a hero? She also helped most of the heroes of Greek mythology.)

What Gods or Goddesses do you find yourself coming under the influence of?