How to Recover from Hell Week

Last week was particularly busy for my family. It seems the theater bug has bitten my whole family.

Missoula Children’s Theater came to town this past week. If you haven’t heard of them, they run a wonderful program for children. Two actor-directors travel around in a red F150. It carries the whole set, scripts, costumes and props to put on a one-hour play, usually a version of a well-known fairy tale. Children from all of the local schools are invited to audition after school on Monday. Those who are chosen rehearse all week, and perform twice on Saturday. At the end of the evening, the actor-directors pack up their truck and move on to the next community.

All three of my boys auditioned, and all three got parts in The Pied Piper!

A few weeks ago, my husband received a call and was asked to audition for a reader’s theater production of Norm Foster’s The Foursome. Reader’s Theater is where the actors read from scripts. They use limited sets, props and costumes, relying primarily on expression to convey the meaning of the play. His performances were also this week.

Stop. RelaxSo basically, because of other events scheduled for Sunday and Monday of last week, it has been a pretty crazy two weeks. My husband and I declared this Sunday a day of rest.

I slept in for the first time in…quite a while. I had a very strong desire to stay in my pajamas and not do anything all day, except maybe surf the net. And then the sun started shining through the front window, and it called me to move my body. So I compromised. I put on my yoga clothes and did yoga for the first time since sometime last fall. Or maybe even last summer.

I forget how much I enjoy the yoga DVD I have. (Jada Fire’s Expressive Yoga for the Soul if you are interested.) And I was truly amazed at how much stronger and more flexible I am since I have been working out on the Wave Vibration Fitness Machine at my chiropractor’s office. Some day I’m going to get one to use at home!

It felt so good to have a day with nothing really planned. It is so easy to get wrapped up in all the projects I am involved in. I sometimes forget that I need to schedule down time as well. Rest and relaxation are an important part of keeping balanced and maintaining positive mental health. When balance and mental health are not looked after, everything else becomes much more difficult.

The only thing I scheduled for the day was a phone call with a friend that I hadn’t talked to in ages. It was refreshing and energizing to catch up with her, and laugh with her. Again, it definitely helped with the balance and positive mental health.

I am very grateful that I, and my husband, took a day off, a day of nothing, a day of rest.



Taking Inspired Action

Now that it is 2011 (does that seem weird to anyone else?!?!), many people are making resolutions for changes they plan to make this year. Weight loss and financial growth are probably among the top resolutions for most people.

While I would love to lose some weight and grow financially, there is part of me that knows these things are already on the way, and I don’t have to push to make them happen.

My commitment this year is to seize the opportunities that present themselves before me that are in alignment with my purpose.

That last part is very important.  In the past, there have been opportunities presented to me (network marketing, anyone?) that were not in alignment with my life purpose.   And I took them because I was grasping for anything that would bring me “financial freedom” or more time to spend with my family.

Now, I’m not knocking network marketing.  I believe it is a viable course to wealth…for some people.  I’ve decided I’m not one of them, though.  Because it’s not in alignment with my life purpose.

Last week I took a small action and sent a message out to one of my online networks.  I really wasn’t expecting much response.  But I had several people contact me within a few hours of sending it out, and those connections were very high energy.  I contacted them back, and it was very clear from the conversations that these were Divine appointments that we were keeping.  It was a wonderful day that flowed easily and delightfully.

It’s amazing what taking inspired action can do!

Take Inspired Action 2011What is your resolution for 2011?  And what inspired action will you take?



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Taking Responsibility for EVERYTHING

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed a lot of people in my life blaming other people or conditions for their current situation in life.  As I noticed that they were not taking responsibililty for their actions and circumstances, I began to wonder where in my life am I not taking responsibility for my actions?  Because if I am noticing it in others, they are just being the mirror reflecting me back to me.

Personal responsibility is one of those life lessons that seems to come up regularly for me. I began observing myself, my actions, my words and my thoughts, more closely.  I noticed that I would choose to sleep a bit later rather than get up and do yoga, saying I was too tired, but not taking responsibility for staying up late the night before. I made excuses about not having enough time to complete a project, but didn’t take responsibility for allowing my children to continue playing on my computer when I had work to do.

I made a commitment to myself to start taking responsibility for EVERYTHING in my life. It’s a pretty big commitment! I feel really good about it…most of the time anyway.  One morning challenged me on my commitment very directly.  I wanted to sleep in, and decided that I needed to help get the boys up and ready for school.  So I got up, and got the boys up, spending a long slow time snuggling with them in my big rocking chair.  I was making their lunches when my husband came out of his office and said, “I have a conference call at 8:30 this morning.  I can’t drive the boys to school.  I guess you didn’t hear me when I told you last night when I came to bed.”

No, I hadn’t consciously heard him.  And I only had twenty minutes to get the boys fed and ready to go out the door, and get myself dressed as well.  I went into a bit of an internal tantrum.  This meant that I wouldn’t get my regular journal and meditation time.  And I would hve to shower after I got back from the school run.  Why hadn’t he told me again earlier, like when I first got up, or when the alarm went off? I got caught up in my story of how horrible this was, and how little time I had.

To be honest, it took me quite a while to get myself out of my funk.  I could observe myself in it, and I knew it didn’t feel good.  I wanted to blame someone else, because surely it wasn’t my fault because I didn’t know.  And I remembered my commitment to take responsibility.  So I had to take responsibility for spending the extra 15 minutes in bed, and for not getting in the shower right away when I first woke up. And then I forgave myself for choosing as I had.

Taking responsibility is not always easy.  It can be hard to admit that I made a mistake. Yet it can also be extremely liberating.  My happiness does not depend on anyone else’s actions.  I can’t control them anyway, but I can control how I react.

I’m still working on this.  For example, I am still struggling with taking responsibility for the chaos of our current bedtime routine.  And just yesterday morning I realized that while I may have no control over my son’s actions, I do have some control over the environment, and complete control over my reactions.  I’ll keep you posted on how that is going.

Where are you taking responsibility in your life?  Or not?  Leave a comment below, and let’s see if we can shift our perspectives together!



Only Dead Salmon Go With the Flow

The reflection for Thursday on the Peaceful Woman Maui Passage is “You are in the Flow”.  We talk about being able to flow with whatever comes our way, and not being attached to any particular outcome.  That last bit challenges me, as I tend to get uptight and cranky when events don’t unfold the way I think they should.

After the Passage in May, I mentioned that I was going with the flow in regards to a certain situation in my life.  “Only dead salmon go with the flow, ” a friend of mine said to me.  I’ve been thinking about it off and on for a while now, and I have to disagree.

I’ll get back to that in a minute.

I’ve been seeing posts on various social media and hearing about the teachings of Abraham, as recorded by Esther and Jerry Hicks.  A few weeks ago I decided it was time to look into them.

Because there is a book ban on at my house (I’m not allowed to buy any more books), I turned to my favorite alternative to bookstores: the library.  I went on line and requested several titles.  The first one to come in was The Astonishing Power of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide. I’m only about half way through it, but it is a very quick and easy read.

I instantly resonated with the idea that our physical form is just a tiny extension of our soul, or Non-Physical Being, as Abraham puts it.  In the book, Abraham describes our lives and efforts of manifestion like the current of a river.  Many of us think that we have to work hard to manifest what we want in our lives.  This is akin to paddling upstream.  We work harder, faster, longer, and we don’t get anywhere.

According to Abraham, when we desire something, the larger part of our being, the Non-Physical Being,  brings that desire into manifestation, downstream.  The harder we work to make something happen, the farther away from it we actually get.  “Nothing you want is upstream. ” What we really need to do, is go with the flow, let go of the oars, and allow the manifestation to happen.  The key is to bring the vibration of your physical Being into alignment with your Non-Physical Being.

So how do you do this? By paying attention to your emotions.  When you are in a place of fear, anger or anxiety, you are definitely paddling upstream.  When you are in a place of love, joy, and happiness, your are definitely travelling downstream.

When you notice you are paddling upstream, how do you turn your boat around?  Reframe the situation until you feel a sense of relief.  That feeling shows that you are letting go of resistance, and beginning the flow downstream.

Getting back to the salmon, they work really hard to swim upstream.  They do this to get back to the place they were hatched.  When they finally get there, they spawn, and then they die.  How many times do we as humans struggle to get back to some ideal from our past, even though we know it can never be the same?  And what reward do we get for our struggles to recapture that lost time?  Usually pain and disappointment.  Like the salmon, our efforts may kill us, or a part of us.  Yes, the salmon start the cycle of life for the next generation. But then they die! For us as people, our future lies downstream, and its a lot easier way to live!

I’m definitely going to practice letting go of the oars, and flowing downstream.

What are your thoughts? Do you see yourself as paddling upstream?  Or do you find life easier going with the flow, downstream?



I AM a Powerful Manifestor!

I just got back from my water aerobics class.  This isn’t really big news, I know.  But it is for me, because the pool was supposed to close for renovations last Friday.

Almost three weeks ago, I sat down with a couple of friends to set some goals for ourselves for the rest of the month.  I introduced them to Raymond Aaron’s Monthly Mentor goal setting program.  I don’t make any money from endorsing this program; I just believe it is an excellent system for making progress toward your goals.

I haven’t used it myself in quite some time.  So it was good for me to introduce it to my friends, and have others to support and be supported by in moving forward. One of the goals I set for myself was to start going to water aerobics again.  I set myself a goal of  attending a minimum of two classes, a target of three classes, and my outrageous goal for myself was attending five classes.  I thought I had three weeks to acheive this.

Then I found out that the pool was closing June 25th for maintenance and renovations.  So I had only two weeks to acheive my goal! I made the comment several times that I was disappointed that just as I was getting back into going to the classes, the pool was closing and I would not be able to keep up the momentum I was creating for myself.  I pushed myself in my schedule, and I managed to get to five classes in two weeks!

At class last Friday morning, it was announced that the pool would be open for four more weeks.  The architect needed more time.  The fitness schedule would be quite limited, but the deep water class I attend is on at the time I prefer to attend, and on the three days of the week I attend.

However indirectly, I told the Universe that I wanted to continue with water aerobics, and the Universe provided the opportunity for me!

This isn’t the only experience I have had of manifesting I have had recently, but it is one of the most obvious.  What I observe about myself in this situation, is that I did not directly ask the Universe to keep the pool open.  I took action, going to the deep water class at every opportunity in my schedule.  I enjoyed the feeling of working out, and I expressed disappointment at the thought of not continuing.

I find I am often challenged in the manifestation process by not taking action, or by getting stuck in the feeling of what I don’t want.  Or I manifest unconsciously.  I don’t always consciously choose what I want to create in my life.  Between The Peaceful Woman’s Inspired Living Coaching series, and getting back into utilizing the MAINLY goal setting system, I am working on becoming more conscious of being a co-creator of my life.  I am creating my reality in alignment with my intentions and desires.  I AM a powerful manifestor, and I am so grateful!

What tools do you use to set goals and stay focused on your visions?



How do I show up in the world?

I am vicariously taking part in an 8 week coaching program with The Peaceful Woman called Inspired Living.  I say vicariously  because I am not able to take part during the live call, but I can go back and listen to the recording.  Last week was the first session, and I just listened to the call today.

We did an assessment of our lives–looking at various areas and how fulfilled we are by those parts of our lives, and how different areas of our lives support us.  This was an interesting exercise for me.  Some of these areas I knew were not fulfilling me, and I’m working to change that.  Some areas that on first thought I would have said were great, after listening to the discussion I decided I really could be more fulfilled in that area of my life.   Areas that I would have said are not supporting me, really do support me more than I think.

After looking at the balance, or really, lack of balance, in my life, I have to ask myself some powerful questions: How am I showing up in the world?  How do I want to show up in the world?  How different are the answers? And what do I need to do to bring them into alignment?

I feel that I am showing up as Super Mom, an overachiever who has so many things to do, one wonders how any of it gets done.  And I do feel like I have too many projects on the go, but I am not sure how to pare it back.   Each project feels essential to one or another of my goals.  And yet, if I don’t slow down, I may crash.  I notice I go through this cycle from time to time, usually when I have fallen behind on my daily meditation, journal writing, and/or exercise, all of which has happened lately.

The answers to the other questions are going to take a little more time, meditation and reflection to answer.  As requested by my coach, I have chosen a theme for the rest of 2010: My life supports my purpose and my purpose supports my life.  I’m still working to bring all the areas of my life into alignment with my purpose.  I’ll keep you posted as I work out the answers to these questions!

If you know me, how do I show up for you?  Or, how do YOU show up in the world, and how does that compare to how you want to show up?



Today’s the Day

Today’s the day…
Miracles are happening in my life.

Today’s the day…
I leave the past behind me.

Today’s the day…
My life is changing
For the better!

Today’s the day…
My dreams are becoming reality.

Today’s the day…
The work I have been doing
Bears fruit.

Today’s the day…
I am aligned with my purpose
And success comes easily.

Today’s the day…
The goals I have been working toward
Are realized, and new goals
Spring up before me.

Today’s the day…
The pieces of the puzzle
The Universe has been moving for me
Fall into place.

I don’t know what.
I don’t know where.
I don’t know who or how.

All I know is
Today’s the day!
I feel truly blessed
And I am so grateful.


Peaceful Woman Maui Passage Feb 2010

I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks since I returned home from assisting with the most recent Maui Facilitator’s Passage.  Since it’s officially March, I can even say it was last month!  How quickly the time passes.

As always when I return home from a retreat or course, or really any time I have been away on my own, I am faced with the opportunity of integrating what I’ve learned into my daily life.  Sometimes it is easier than others!

It was very interesting to experience the Maui Passage through new eyes – having gone through it once already six months ago.  Here’s a video of me on the last day of the Passage last August:

Aside from getting to meet 10 incredible new women and deepening my connection with four women I met last time, going through the Passage for a second time helped to anchor a lot of the things I had learned on my initial Passage.  For example, in August I had some challenges with “Flow Day”.  When the day didn’t go as I thought it should, I became upset.  I’ve been working on that over the past six months (my youngest son is a wonderful teacher who goes with the flow all the time), and I felt a lot more ease this time around.

And I learned some new things as well.  On “Volcano Day”, I went and visited a heiau, a sacred place, up a hill that I had missed visiting in August.  On the way back down to the beach, I had an aha message: “Stop searching for the significance of every moment, and allow each moment to be significant.”  I saw that many times I work really hard to figure out why something is special, or push for the message I am supposed to receive.  I don’t always get one.  But when I am able to be truly present in an experience, rather than observing myself in it, I find much more profound meaning and insight.

On “Waterfall Day”, the experiences and the women in the February Passage reflected back to me that I am strong and a good leader.  I saw that while my body may not look or feel much different, the work I have been doing to take better care of my physical body is making a difference.  I was able to run up a hill at one point, something that would have winded me even six months ago.  And when I planted myself in order to assist other women, I was stable and unshakable.

Going back to Maui completely reaffirmed for me that this work is what I want to be doing, and this company is totally in alignment with my purpose and values.  I am excited to announce that I will be starting a Peaceful Woman Meet Up group this month, and I will be facilitating Maui Passages August 15th-21st, and September 12th-18th, 2010.  I would love to have you join me!  You will be expanded, enlightened, and peaceful, in your own way and through your own experience.