Psychic Powers and Spaceships

Last week I was talking about the metaphysical cause of the illness that plagued me for about two weeks. Warning, I’m about to get a bit woo-woo here.

Psychic AbilitiesYou know that I connect with and talk to different deities, especially Goddesses. I also connect with and talk to my spirit guides. My guides have changed over the years. I started with a good friend who passed away just as I moved to the Island. She was the bridge to help me get comfortable with “talking” to spirits (as in guides, not ghosts). Once I was comfortable with her, she handed me off to my first guide.

Over the years, as I became more comfortable, learned what I needed to from that guide, and stepped up my vibration (at least that’s what I like to think), I would get passed on to another guide. Currently, my main personal guide is Sofia. I think I’ve been through two or three before now.

While I was working with Hekate leading up to Spring Mysteries Festival, I started doing an exercise I read in my research. The book said it was for balancing your energy. I found it connected me with my guides better, and my intuition.

Just before Spring Mysteries, a new group of guides introduced themselves to me, calling themselves The Seven. I’m really skeptical when new energies come at me. I don’t want any attachments or negative entities connecting with me. So I questioned them a lot.

Around this time, though, or just before, I really started to feel like it was time I develop my psychic abilities more. Open up, and allow the information to flow. After Spring Mysteries, that feeling intensified. It wasn’t a call anymore. It was a push.

I read in a book about a man who used Robert Heinlein’s Lost Legacy as a guide. So I tracked that down, hoping for exercises. No luck. It did guide me to looking at an article by Mark Twain (which I honestly have yet to read).

And then my guides told me to re-read the book Opening to Channel, and to read The Pleiadian Workbook. I’m not a terribly fast reader, so I’ve only just started.

I have to say, I’m a bit skeptical about The Pleiadian Workbook so far. She talks about seeing spacecraft when she was a child.

I’m not sure what to believe about spaceships, and beings from space. On the one hand, I love science fiction – especially movies and television. On the other hand, I had a phobia of being abducted by aliens for a very long time. So this whole idea of guides actually being extra-terrestrials… I don’t know.

What do you think? Are guides beings from other planets? Or just other dimensions? Is there a difference? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

And if you are interested in connecting with your guides, try Meeting Your Spirit Guide. It’s based on an exercise from Opening to Channel.



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