Tarot Thursday – Ace of Pentacles

Hooray! Pentacles again! This is a powerful time of manifestation.

If you recall from the last Tarot Thursday post, the suit of Pentacles is about your resources – your home, your body and your physical health, your money and how you manifest things in your life.

Ace of Pentacles tarot card Walks Within ArtLoveLightAces are beginnings, opportunities, something new. They can also represent the pure form of the suit, the ideal.

In this case, that means new job opportunities, or new ways to manifest your desires. Perhaps it means a move to a new home, or a new development in your health.

In its pure form, the Ace of Pentacles is very much about manifestation. Pentacles correspond with the element of Earth (hence the physical aspect). In the process of manifestation, Earth is the final step, the actual materialization of the idea or desire.

This card shows a golden disc or coin with a pentacle on it. (Interesting side note: a pentacle is a pentagram inscribed in a circle. A pentagram is a five-pointed star.)

If you look closely at the coin, you’ll see the continents of North and South America. This isn’t just a coin. It’s the world, the Earth (just in case you didn’t get the connection 🙂 ).

The pentacle is being held out by a hand – is it giving or receiving? Both are very important. Perhaps this is an opportunity that you will help provide for someone else! Or the Universe may be providing it to you. Go with your instincts, and evaluate where it is in your spread.

In the background are lush green vines heavy with grapes. It is a beautiful garden, ripe with possibility. The world is abundant, and abundance is your birthright. Remember that abundance comes in many forms, and not just in your bank account!


Mary and Katana