Tarot Thursday: 3 of Wands

The suit of wands is about your passion, your creative expression, and how you act in the world. Causes that you feel strongly about and activism may also be represented by wands. Wands correspond with the element of fire – we often speak of “fiery passion” or being “fired up” with creativity.

3 of Wands Tarot Card Walks Within ArtLoveLightThrees are generally about initial success or progress towards a goal. The key phrase that comes to my mind with the three of wands is “ships coming in”.

The three of wands depicts a figure standing facing away from the “camera”, looking out to sea. There are three ships on the water, and three wands around the figure.

The big question is, are the ships coming in, or are they passing by? When this card comes up in a reading, I often see it signifying a need to be extra aware. A great opportunity to move forward towards your passion or creative expression is on its way (depending where the card falls in the reading, of course), and the seeker needs to be on the lookout for it. If you fall asleep on the job, and aren’t aware of the opportunity when it presents itself, it will pass you by.

The figure is standing on a cliff looking out over the water. Higher vantage points may provide a better view of the big picture, the broader vision. It also can signify a better chance of seeing that opportunity coming!

The ships and the water might also indicate an opportunity for travel. (See, that word opportunity just keeps showing up!)

The time of day in the card is early morning time or late evening, depending on your perspective – is this the beginning of a new adventure, or is it a payoff that has been a long time coming?

All three wands are glowing like tall matches and have the alchemical symbol for fire on the tip to remind us this is the active fire suit. You have to take action to get results! The wands are also budding (or will be!) to show that this is a time of growth.

The grass and her robe are deep green to show lush abundance and her sleeves are purple to show her ambition and connection to source. She’s holding a pendulum indicate she trusts her own guidance and the pentacle necklace to show its payday.